Loot Logic: A Scavenger’s Field Guide to Blackout

There’s a lot of gear lying around the Blackout map. We help you make sense of it all.

Loot Logic: A Scavenger’s Field Guide to Blackout

There’s a lot of gear lying around the Blackout map. We help you make sense of it all.

As soon as your feet hit the ground in your first Blackout match, everybody has the same realization – I need a weapon. Quickly finding your ideal weapon and accompanying loadout is a top priority for everyone. Prepare for fierce engagements when you first drop in as you fight to gear up. These early engagements have the potential to end your match before it even gets started. 

This guide aims to arm you with the knowledge to prioritize and scavenge effectively. Blackout barrages you with in-game decisions, but hopefully with these tips you’ll be better equipped (literally) to handle whatever comes your way.

Seek and Ye Shall Find
If you look for gear, more often than not you’ll find it. Searching inside homes, tents, warehouses, trailers, tarps, hedge mazes, on roofs and pretty much any place that isn’t out in the open is a decent spot to find gear. It’s all random, so don’t expect to find the exact same weapon in the exact same spot every match. More buildings mean more places you’re likely to find loot, so be wary of opponents in those areas. Deciding where you drop in has plenty of its own nuances. Just understand that in order to be competitive, you’ve gotta load up. Without gear, your fists will only take you so far.

Perk Timing
In Blackout, Perks are consumables, meaning their effects are temporary. When you collect a Perk, it’s added to your inventory and can be activated through the Quick Equip Menu. Different Perks last for different lengths of time, so use them wisely - right before you enter a combat situation. Most of these perks you’ll recognize from Multiplayer and they perform similar functions – Engineer reveals nearby vehicles and enemy equipment, Mobility combines the effects of Lightweight and Gung-Ho. But, there are a few Blackout-specific Perks that come in handy: 

Medic – Heal yourself and your allies faster, those you revive regain more health. Lasts two minutes.
Looter – Reveal nearby Stashes and loot items.
Skulker – Move faster while crouched and prone.
Brawler – Increases your melee damage and gives you 50 health per each successful melee attack. 

Style Points
You’re limited in how much loot you can carry, so space is precious. The things you keep and the ones you leave behind are important choices every player must make. Those choices depend on a lot of things, but mostly hinge on how you like to engage your opponents. Managing your engagements is an important skill, but having the right weapons to support your playstyle is even more important. Want to ambush people from a closet? Shotguns and the Dead Silence Perk are must-haves. Prefer to stalk your enemies from afar and pick them off at a distance? Scoped Rifles and the Skulker Perk are likely your most sought-after items. Want to run-n-gun? SMGs and Mobility are likely your thing. Coordinating with your squad-mates goes a long way towards determining what your roles will be. After you’ve played a few matches, you’ll get an idea of how you want to play during matches. With that in mind, find the loot that works for you and get after it.


Universally Useful
Independent of playstyle, there’s some loot that will be helpful for any player. Here are the core four:

First, you’ll want some Armor – the higher the level, the better. Attacks can and will come from anywhere and Armor gives you the extra time needed to find cover and return fire. Pro tip: Pick up Armor plates as you loot, too. If you escape from a gunfight with broken Armor, you can repair it with Armor plates stored in your inventory.

Second, you’ll want a First Aid Kit or Med Kit to restore health after engagements. If you’re lucky, you'll find a Trauma Kit which gives max health no matter how hurt you are, plus a 50 health bonus for a total of 200.

Third, you’ll want a scope. You’ll need the range not only to increase weapon accuracy, but  to gather intel on distant enemies. Getting a closer look at a situation means you can assess and make smart decisions, giving you a better chance at success. 

Lastly, you’ll want a Backpack to double your inventory slots to 10. More gear means more options which you can use to out-flank, out-smart and out-play your opponents. 

Remember, the best gear doesn’t always win, but it sure as hell helps. Now get out there, gear up and do your damnedest to make it to the final circle! 

Want more tips on how to build the best loadout for you? Check out this quick tutorial!

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