Resolutions: Nazi Zombies

How many waves you can survive in Gröesten Haus, put those skills to the test by completing the first chapter of Nazi Zombies in the Final Reich.

by Call of Duty Staff on January 25, 2018

Ready Up and Give Back


Welcome to the last Friday in January and, thusly, the final Call of Duty®: Resolution. If you’ve been keeping up with your Resolutions, you should be amongst the social elite with all the Partying Up you’ve been doing and a regular Renaissance gamer with the wide array of modes you’ve been playing. And now it’s time for the cherry on top, the final piece to ensure your domination of 2018. It is…


Resolution the Last: Do Good for Humanity

It’s a question we all ask - how do I give back? What can I do to help my fellow man? I’m just one player in this crazy world - what good can I do? 

You can eradicate the Nazi Zombie horde from the face of the earth and save humankind from the brink of destruction at the hands of the evil Doktor Straub. There are few things more satisfying in Call of Duty: WWII than taking up arms against a vile army of twisted terrors hellbent on tearing through you on their way to global domination. Plus, playing Nazi Zombies not only helps you do good for humanity, it sets you on a path to self-improvement by doing things like:

Journaling More - When you’re feeling lost, it’s time to open your Notebook. This is your guide, the checklist you have to go through to complete your highly important mission. Open it by pressing the touchpad on PlayStation. When you do, you’ll see how many objectives you have left to complete your Nazi Zombies journey. Use your Notebook early and often to ensure you’re on the right track to taking down Doktor Straub.

Travel to exotic places – From the comfort of your couch (or gaming chair), you can travel to the beaches of Heligoland with the newest Nazi Zombies experience: Darkest Shore. Get DLC 1* and you and three friends will be whisked away to a tiny island blanketed in fog and rich in occult history.

Get more exercise as you fight off legions of war-ready zombies and dodge Nazi airstrikes and naval artillery barrages. Test your limits as waves of thick fog roll across the island, forcing you to implement all your melee and gun-blazing skills to dominate the horrors that hide in the fog. And that’s not all: you’ll try new things, like brand new weapons and traps that you’ll put to use against new undead monstrosities which are more cunning, quick and bloodthirsty than ever before.  

How you choose to contribute to society is up to you. Sharpen your skills by seeing how many waves you can survive in Gröesten Haus, put those skills to the test by completing the first chapter of Nazi Zombies in the Final Reich or get DLC 1* and take the fight to frightening new places with The Darkest Shore. Whichever you choose, jump into Nazi Zombies today and put an end to the horrors that await. Thanks for reading The Call of Duty Resolutions. Here’s to a great 2018 in Call of Duty: WWII. Keep an eye on your inbox for the Call of Duty Newsletter for more tips, tricks, news alerts and more.