Quartermaster Comms Vol.8

You’re sure to have your hands full with Contracts and amassing all that gear to unlock Collection Rewards.

by Call of Duty Staff on January 18, 2018

It’s January. It’s Friday. It’s this week’s Quartermaster Comms. Don’t let the post-holiday blues get you down, because Corporal Green’s got what you need. Whether it’s Contracts, Collections, or bundles of gear you’re after, Corporal Green is your one-stop shop. This week, the Comms will be taking a look at an impressive LMG, a Soviet Infantry uniform and a Contract that’ll net you a Supply Drop in no time.


Epic MG 15 - Shorty

This Epic MG 15 variant isn’t named ‘Shorty’ ironically, it’s actually smaller than the standard MG 15. Despite its compact design, this sucker packs all the damage of the standard variant along with bulked-up, built-in iron sights for accuracy at distance. You’re probably thinking, “Hang on, I get all the heavy-duty firepower of the standard version. It’s smaller and I get an XP bonus per kill? What sort of wizardry is this?” It’s not wizardry. It’s the Shorty. And, it’s just the LMG you’ve been looking for. 


Tamansov - Soviet Infantry

Rep the threads of the elite 2nd Guard’s Motor Rifle Division when you unlock the Epic Tamansov uniform of the Soviet Infantry. Thick, weather-resistant boots prevent the cold of a Soviet winter from knocking a soldier off their mission. Tamansov provides darkcolors to skulk in shadowy areas of maps and stay on the edge of your enemy’s vision. This Epic Uniform provides a professional, intimidating outfitthat lets enemies know you’re not one to be trifled with.


Contract - 20 Kills In Team Deathmatch In 30 Minutes

Selecting the right Contract largely depends on how you play Call of Duty®. Run ‘n Gun? Maybe not the headshot Contracts. Objective minded? Maybe a Contract for kills in War isn’t for you. This Contract, however, allows you to stick to whatever your preferred playstyle may be and still collect that Rare Supply Drop when you complete it. A game of Team Deathmatch won’t last any longer than 10 minutes and, more often than not, will likely reach the score limit before time expires. 30-minutes of arena-like, TDM gameplay is plenty of time to get 20 kills. On any map, there are chokepoints where you’ll often find action. You can sprint towards those action-points over and over until you hit that number. Or, for the more K/D minded, find places on the map where you feel comfortable engaging and stick around those areas. You could even just take laps around the edge of the map to avoid getting flanked. Whatever method you choose, snap up this Contract and you’ve got to like your chances of seeing that Rare Supply Drop reward come your way.


That’s the QM Comms for this week. You’re sure to have your hands full with Contracts and amassing all that gear to unlock Collection Rewards. Keep an eye out for future editions of the Comms and, if you’ve missed last week’s edition, click below to see previous editions of the Comms.