Pro Tips – Chop Shop: Kill Confirmed

by Call of Duty Staff on April 16, 2015

Now that we know what they’re capable of, every military group out there is eager to get their hands on the exoskeleton. The latest supplier? A black market operation right in the middle of the city. This week, we’re looking at Chop Shop, a new Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare multiplayer map in the Ascendance DLC pack, available now on Xbox LIVE and coming to PlayStation®Network and PC on April 30th. Now let’s get to it.



Avoid Tunnel Vision


Splitting the map directly in half, Chop Shop’s center area sees a lot of action, and you can expect there to be plenty of tag trading from players crossing back and forth. As you can see above, however, there’s ample room on both sides, with each wing mirroring the other’s layout. When the center gets hot, stick to the side and cut off enemies en route to the middle. Grab their tag and reposition to avoid retaliation.


Stop Them in Their Tracks


Call in an Orbital Care Package on Chop Shop for a chance to earn the map-based Advanced Repulsion Turret scorestreak. This placeable sentry continuously stuns and damages enemy players entering its energy field, making it a perfect means to cover your back or lock down an entryway. With multiple routes in every location, however, it’s best to keep an eye on the turret and take out enemies attempting to dislodge it from another angle.


Get Hooked


The pace really picks up when playing Kill Confirmed in the new Exo Grapple Playlist. Blindly rush after tags and you’re likely to get taken out by powerful close-quarters attacks. Instead, plan your escape ahead of time, utilizing your grapple to get out fast after nabbing tags.


If you get caught face-to-face, launch your grapple to land an instant kill. It takes some practice, but can be lethal in the right situation. Lastly, once you’ve really got a hang of the grapple movement, equip the Overcharged perk for an additional hook shot before recharging.


Don’t Let Up


Whether you’re in the Exo Grapple Playlist or not, constant mobility is vital. The more engagements you’re in, the more opportunities you’ll have to score points. Even without a direct skirmish, Chop Shop’s confined indoor locations are ripe for missed tags. Consider perks like Lightweight and Fast Hands, as well as the Quickdraw Grip and Stock attachments, to keep you light on your toes as you stock up on confirms and denials.


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