Defend This Haus: A Brief Tour Of Groesten Haus

Explore the newest, free-est MP map in Call of Duty®: WWII.

by Call of Duty Staff on May 22, 2018

During the introduction to Nazi Zombies, you stumble into an eerie, abandoned house. Your path to the house is dark. Once you’re inside, it’s cramped and the upstairs doesn’t offer much visibility to the surrounding areas. Plus, all of this is going on while more and more zombies slowly surround you. It’s an appropriate introduction to Nazi Zombies and it’s an even more appropriate addition to the Attack of the Undead as the latest, free for everybody, Multiplayer (MP) map. If you like ample action in tight spaces, it’s time you got acquainted with Groesten Haus.


Taking a quick spin around the edge of the map makes one thing abundantly clear: space is at a premium. There’s the house, spawn points on either side, a short, covered pathway and not a lot else. As with other maps with small dimensions – we’re looking at you Shipment 1944 – the action will be plentiful as well as chaotic. That proves particularly true in new modes like Hordepoint, the new take on Hardpoint where zombies spawn from underneath each Hardpoint. In an already small area, you’ve got two teams of six players plus upwards of 20 zombies. You wouldn’t be off-base referring to that many bodies in such a small area Shipment-like.


Fortunately, the transition from introductory zombies level to Multiplayer map has dropped a few spotlights around the house for added visibility. However, while more illuminated than it initially was, Groesten Haus remains one of the darkest maps in the game. As far as how that translates into gameplay, our thinking is that anything that lights the way deserves extra consideration. Inexperienced with the Signal Flare? There’s no time like the present. These sticks radiate a blinding blast of light to reveal any enemy who thinks the cover of darkness is enough to keep them concealed. Not only will it show you where an enemy is hiding in the dark, it’ll blind that enemy and provide you the opportunity to take ‘em out. While not specifically a tactical device, Scorestreaks like the Molotov Cocktail and Flamethrower prove extra useful in a darker environment. Even if your Molotovs don’t take out as many enemies as you’d hoped, they leave a fiery trail to light up dark corners. And, the Flamethrower? Think of it as a deadly torch that lights the way while clearing your path of enemies at the same time.


Venturing into the house, you’ll notice the second floor has two staircases leading up to it. Those staircases are the only way in or out. While this may not seem like a detail worth calling out, it’s incredibly important in objective modes. For example, if you’re playing Hordepoint, one of the points is that 2nd floor. If you’re in the unenviable position of having to attack the point, you’ve got your work cut out for you as there are only two paths up. But, if you’re defending the point, that 2nd floor quickly gets crowded with your teammates, spawning zombies and any enemies who somehow make their way up to contest the point. The two-story structure provides a central point from which you can easily call out enemy positions, so, controlling the house can go a long way towards winning you a match. Just keep in mind that the 2nd floor can be a hazardous place.

With a house as a central structure, Groesten Haus makes for a simple fast-paced map with which players will quickly familiarize themselves. Once you’ve got your bearings, you’ll be hunting down hiding enemies among the dark, snowy exterior without fear. So, pack some Signal Flares and some fire-based Scorestreaks and make Groesten Haus your haus.