Winter in the Redwoods

Fresh snowfall. Fresh gear. 

by Call of Duty Staff on March 01, 2018


A blustery cold front leaves a blanket of snowfall among the Redwoods in Northern California – a late winter storm that transforms a fan-favorite map into Redwood Snow. This amazing re-imagining delivers every bit of the frenzied, forest fight you’d expect from Redwood, but with the added wrinkle of battling in whiteout conditions. Along with the new environment comes Operation Snowblind, ensuring you’re properly outfitted to dominate the wintery warfare. Among other things, Snowblind brings a new Sniper Rifle and two Double XP Featured Playlists: Redwood Snow and the game mode Infected.

If you’re concerned about standing out against all the white, Operation Snowblind has you covered. With the help of nine new ‘Permafrost’ Specialist themes, you’ll have no trouble blending into your recently winterized surroundings as your favorite Specialist. Unleash the Gravity Spikes and draw the Sparrow like you always do, but with the Permafrost skin to help you blend with the icy elements for protection.

In addition to a collection of winterized Specialist themes, Operation Snowblind also gives players a new Sniper Rifle: the XPR-50. If you’re familiar with this weapon from Black Ops II, you’ll know that there are few better ways to reach out and make contact with the enemy.

The winds of March may have brought a chill to the Northern California coast, but that just made your Black Ops III experience a little cooler. Jump in and join the party to get Double XP in both our Featured Playlists: Redwood Snow and Infected now!