Mission Demolition

Do you like Search & Destroy but can’t seem to keep from dying? Well, have we got a game mode for you.

Mission Demolition

Do you like Search & Destroy but can’t seem to keep from dying? Well, have we got a game mode for you.

It’s called Demolition and its inclusion in Call of Duty: WWII promises to be explosive. 

Teams alternate between defending and attacking two bomb sites. The attacking team wins by planting explosives and blowing up both objectives. The defending team wins by preventing bombs from being planted or defusing any that do, ensuring the clock runs out with at least 1 bomb site intact. It’s like S&D (Search & Destroy), except in Demolition, you must blow up both sites, all attackers have a bomb and you get unlimited respawns. Don’t sweat the small stuff because you can keep coming back for more action until the clock runs out. This mode presents unique challenges so take a look at these tips to get you on your way to blowing up.

Balancing Act

Whether you’re defending or attacking, swarming to one of the bomb sites isn’t a great strategy. If you’re defending, obviously this means you’re leaving one of the bomb sites completely unattended. If you’re attacking, swarming a single objective is tempting but it also limits your team’s options. If you split up, you can possibly draw the opposition away from a single place and your chances of successfully planting increase substantially. Splitting up to probe the opposition for weaknesses is also a good way to feel out a team strategy. 

Post Up. Re-Post

There are only two bomb sites. So, get used to these areas and how people attack them. Finding yourself a good spot with rear cover to defend the bomb site is just sound strategy whether you’re defending your plant or the bomb site. It’s not needed in S&D because once you’ve killed everybody the round’s over. Not the case in Demolition. Embrace your inner stationary soldier. Throw some S-Mines around the bomb site and keep an eye on the pathways that lead to it.

The Best Defense

Okay, so, you’ve planted the bomb. Now, what? Defend like your life depends on it. Even though you’ll respawn when you die, it’ll happen on the other side of the map. This makes a coordinated defense even more essential. If the enemy defuses your planted bomb, the game’s over. To keep that from happening, unleash any Tacticals or Lethals you’re carrying in the bomb site area. It can get chaotic around a planted bomb so, rolling with a leveled-up Armored Division can protect you from the grenade-heavy chaos.

Smoke ‘Em Blind

The trickiest part of any game mode with bombs, planting and countdowns is the requisite defenseless moments. While you’re planting or defusing the bomb, your weapon is inaccessible which makes you a sitting duck. And, sitting ducks often get shot. That’s why you need smoke grenades. Give that little metal canister of smoke a toss and go to town on that bomb site. It blocks your enemies’ vision which buys you the time you need to either plant or defuse the bomb. It’s tough to defend what you can’t see. So, be sure to pack smokes to give you the shield you need.

That’s Demolition, folks. It combines gunplay with tactics in a way that’s made this game mode a fan favorite. Whether you’re playing it for the first time or the 5000th, one constant remains: it’s always a blast.


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