GobbleGum Community Challenge!

Complete the Challenge, Earn Rewards!

by Call of Duty Staff on March 12, 2018

Dr. Monty has a unique problem and he could use your help: it turns out that he has too many GobbleGums. To rectify this issue, he’s initiated the GobbleGum Community Challenge. . . 

Dr. Monty is challenging the community to eat 10 million GobbleGums. In exchange for the community’s help, he’s giving out four tiers of rewards, which he’ll reveal at each stage of completion. There is one thing we know for sure: the final reward is a full set of Ultra-Rare GobbleGums.

What are Ultra-Rares? They’re the GobbleGums you reach for when circumstances are at their most dire. Here’s a quick refresher:



Each one of these GobbleGums are game changers, so an entire set will be a sweet reward. 

You’ll only get a full set of Ultra-Rare GobbleGums if you complete the Community Challenge and, at this rate, it isn’t going to be around for long. And, if you want an expanded Zombies experience, DLCs 1 through 4 are now available a la carte. Pick the Zombies you want, jump into a Zombies match, eat some GobbleGums and help the community reach that next tier of rewards!