Fracture Player’s Guide

A battle of speed, tactics and cunning.

by Call of Duty Staff on November 28, 2017

Welcome to the Big Bad Data Battle


This week’s Featured Playlist update from Treyarch brings you 2XP Fracture for your fragging pleasure. For those unfamiliar with the mode, here’s a quick rundown of how it works: eliminate opposing players to make them drop a Core File; grab it and make a mad dash to the Fracture Point to deposit it for one point per file deposited. First team to 60, or the team with the most files after 10 minutes wins.

This is a battle of speed, tactics and cunning. While you should play the way that suits you, here are a few thoughts that might help you strategize:

Precious Cargo:

You can carry more than 1 file at a time. Hell, you can carry up to 10 if you get hot. But be careful - if you get stopped, the files get dropped. And if your friends aren’t there to clean up your mess, the other team will make off with your files.


Talk to Me:

Communication is key, especially if you or a member of your team is toting a bunch of files. Assemble a fireteam, stack up and protect the carrier all the way to the Fracture Site. Once they reach the Fracture Site, it’ll take a little while to deposit all Core Files, so make sure you protect the teammate making the deposits.

Scout it Out:

Save your recon for when you’re ready to drop a big load. Everyone knows where the fracture site is and there are those who will camp on it, so it’s probably not the worst idea to send up a drone or clear the area with a recon party – unless you’re feeling strong, in which case, godspeed. 


Able Bodied:

Consider your Specialist abilities: while weapons are always great, speed and maneuverability are definitely valuable assets in Fracture. We’ll let you sort out what combo works best for you, but Prophet’s Glitch and Ruin’s Overdrive are definitely worth your consideration.


Fracture is a fast-paced, high-action, high-scoring game mode. Add in double XP and you’ll be leveling up like mad. Head to the Featured Playlist to get in on the action from now until December 8 at 10AM PDT.