Days of Summer Uniforms: Look Cool. Stay Cool.

Get made in the shade with the fresh, new summer Uniforms.

Days of Summer Uniforms: Look Cool. Stay Cool.

Get made in the shade with the fresh, new summer Uniforms.

A world war – a SECOND world war, no less – is stifling enough. Add summertime heat to the mix and what do you get? One sweaty, musty Headquarters, that’s what.

Still donning your ‘Canadian Sniper’ Mountain Uniform or your bulky ‘Soviet Underground’ Infantry Uniform? That’s fine – like, if you’re headed to Antarctica. But if you’re stationed in the tropics, dude – you’re zeroing in on a rash.

Good thing Days of Summer has arrived with a whole mess-hall’s worth of new gear, including epic new summery Uniforms available as Collection Rewards. These breathable duds only become more forgiving as the mercury rises, so check ‘em out now. Then, go see Captain Butcher about picking them up for good.

‘Civvies’ US Summer Infantry Uniform

When not in Uniform, troops wear standard civilian clothes, or ‘Civvies’ – perfect for grabbing a cold one on off-days, making nice with the locals and doing a little sightseeing on behalf of those back home. So, we’d be remiss not to include the Epic ‘Civvies’ Infantry Uniform from the limited-time Days of Summer Collection.

First off, what’s not to love? See how the casual slacks and unbuttoned, palm-tree-patterned Hawaiian shirt showcase our model’s summer-ready dad-bod? A pack slung across the chest makes this Uniform all the more efficient for taking your essential gear out on the town. And in battle, the pack frees up a Rifleman’s hands for weapon-swappin’ and Axis-droppin’, while the breezy button-up lets you blend in with the flora and fauna of the field.

Visit the Quartermaster Collections and unlock the whole ‘Civvies’ set, including neat gear like the ‘Watermelon’ LMG Camo – then, this epic new Infantry Uniform is yours!




‘Kiwi Sniper’ New Zealand Summer Mountain Uniform

Those in the Mountain Division who want to feel the sweet summer breeze without sacrificing the covert feel of other Mountain Uniforms, look no further: this deep, dark navy getup does well to hide you away in the shade. Plus, the rolled-up sleeves, roomy Bermuda shorts and wide-brimmed hat – lined with scavenged bullets and bones – gives one the intimidating look of a fearless Crocodile wrassler.

Out of the three Collection Rewards, this Uniform leaves the most skin exposed – so don’t forget to tack on the sunscreen with the ‘Lifeguard’ Face Camo.

On the way to unlocking the ‘Kiwi Sniper’ Collection, you’ll get neat new summertime gear like the ‘Shrimp’ Weapon Charm and the ‘Infantry Summer Camo’ Uniform – so there’s no reason not to scoop up this Collection Reward before it’s gone.




‘Bulldog’ English Summer Cavalry Uniform

Available as an Operation Overlord Collection Reward, the English Summer Cavalry Uniform can be unlocked year-round! However, this heatwave-ready getup is especially fit for the ‘dog’ days of summer.

With neatly shorn cut-offs and a sweat-wicking neck towel, the ‘Bulldog’ maximizes mobility for capturing Objectives. Plus, the jaunty engineer cap and vintage sunglasses offer plenty UV protection for those peering through the window of a Shield.


Complete the Collection by unlocking or purchasing each item in the set, including sweet new gear like the ‘Lovestruck’ Emote, and you’ll soon be the most popular ‘Bulldog’ in the pen.

These long Days of Summer are only raging on through 10am PT August 28. Go after the limited-time Days of Summer Collections and open Supply Drops to unlock all these sweet suits before they’re gone.

You’ll be chillin’ and killin’ in no time.