BO3 Domination Guide

Go out, dominate, and collect Double Weapon XP.

by Call of Duty Staff on January 04, 2018

5 Ways to Dominate in Domination


This week’s Black Ops 3 Featured Playlist activates Double Weapon XP in Domination. For those that might be new to the mode, the game goes like this: two teams of 4-6 players work to secure and defend three areas (locations designated by encircled flags) across the map. The mode features two rounds: each to 100 points (1 point is earned for every 5 seconds your team holds an area). The more areas you hold, the faster your points accrue. The winner with the most points claims victory, and in the event of a tie the game ends in a draw.  A few things to think over as you take to the field… 

  • Get To B First: A and C get captured easy and early as they sit next to either team’s starting points. But, B… B means everything! Claiming B early (and holding it along with A or C for most of the game), will help you effectively work toward the 200 point mark.
  • Offense or Defense: Decide if you are going to join the offensive fight for B or play defense and protect either A or C. The answer depends on how you prefer to play the game. If you are runner and love close-quarter combat, sprint to B and take out the competition. If you like to perch up high and pick off everyone down below, target anyone who comes within earshot of A/C. If you like to stay mobile, consider finding a mix between both. Circle back to home base, clear the area, or toss some frags around B to take out any opponents. The team needs offense and defense players, so pick what works for you.
  • To Capture: If you plan on capturing an area, you need to gear up. Choose your Specialist and customize your class for your game plan. Perks like Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask help you take a little more damage which could be handy. For your load-out, smoke grenades or trophy system deserve a second look. Lastly, Specialists that clear areas like Ruin’s Gravity Spikes and Firebreak’s Heat Wave or up your defenses like Battery’s Kinetic Armor work well for objective game modes. Find the Specialist that amplifies your playstyle to better your success.
  • Or Not To Capture: If you plan on clearing out anyone and everyone from around B, but not physically making a capture, tweak your load-out to fit your game objectives. Use a thermal scope to see through smoke or plant C4 at the capture site. Choose a Specialist that can annihilate like Gravity’s War Machine or Nomad’s H.I.V.E. Both can clear an area quickly. Depending on whether you plan on picking off enemies up close or from a distance, that will help you decide how to gear up and best prevent anyone from dominating you.
  • Scorestreaks Are Game Changers: In Domination, kills and deaths are plentiful. If you can stay alive and set off a chain of scorestreaks (like Guardian, Sentry Gun, Cereberus), it will be difficult for the enemy to recover. You’ll receive extra points (125) if you take out an attacker (someone trying to occupy an area) or if you secure an area from an enemy (200). Those extra bonuses can help you get to your scorestreaks faster, and when you do the fun really starts to happen. 

The Domination Featured Playlist runs now until January 12th PDT. Secure the areas, go out and dominate, and collect Double Weapon XP for your efforts.