All Fronts Unite For DLC 3

Meet the MP Maps of United Front.

All Fronts Unite For DLC 3

Meet the MP Maps of United Front.

DLC Pack 1: The Resistance saw small-scale push-back against occupying Nazis. The War Machine saw those occupiers at the height of their power. And now United Front puts us in all points of the world where the Allied forces began to beat back the enemy. DLC Pack 3 is finally here on PlayStation®4 and each map depicts a pivotal battle. The third batch of maps spans the globe from Italy up to the Netherlands and all the way over to Russia. Each map provides an arena for balanced gameplay and a variety of effective playstyles to choose from. Here they are.

Market Garden

In the fall of 1944, the Allies launched Operation Market Garden. This ambitious two-part push was crafted with an eye towards pushing past the Rhine and breaking the recently defeated German Army. The ‘Market’ part of the operation consisted tens of thousands of airborne troops parachuting into the Netherlands to capture a series of bridges. The ‘Garden’ aspect was made up of ground forces meant to link up with the airborne troops along the highway. The operation was a failure and the Germans kept the Allies from crossing the Rhine for months.

This small, fast-paced map drops each team on opposing sides of a central mansion. Whether you spawn in the front or the back, this map is all about controlling the house. SMGs and Shotguns lend themselves to navigating the interconnected hallways and tight areas inside the building. These close-quarters areas require constant vigilance with potential attackers waiting around every corner. The lower elevation of the exterior areas provides a small degree of verticality as well as a narrow flank along one side of the building. You can slip spawns without going through the chaos of central structure.

Monte Cassino

Over the course of five months in early 1944, the Allies suffered devastating defeats attempting to break through the Axis ‘Winter Line’ protecting Rome. While the Axis forces eventually relented from their positions, Allies suffered some of their heaviest causalities to date. These costly assaults to break through to Rome were named the Battle of Monte Cassino for a historic abbey atop a hill in the Italian countryside.

The war-torn remains of that abbey provide the backdrop for this medium-sized map. Multiple, inter-connected lanes provide the constant threat of flankers, regardless of your location. Varying degrees of verticality enhance the variance of gunfights you’ll encounter. The center allows aggressive, rushing playstyles to thrive, while the easily accessible rooftops and side lanes open up a bit for longer-ranged engagements. The western cliff-side flank, while narrow, provides a more open area to get from one end of the map to the other without having to pre-fire around tight corners scattered throughout the middle areas.


The Battle of Stalingrad was the largest confrontation of the entire Second World War. The cost in Soviet lives was horrific and numbered into the millions, with Axis casualties not far behind. The fierce fighting over such a long period halted the Axis incursion into the Soviet Union and forced them into a retreat.

Two massive warehouses bookend opposing sides of this snowy southwest Russia map. Elevated lookout areas on either end provide extended sightlines for ample long-range opportunities as rushers fight over the central ‘B’ point in Domination. Despite a larger, more open design than Market Garden and Monte Cassino, you won’t lack for close-range engagements here either. An underground flanking route allows for navigating the entire length of the map without too much exposure. These underground areas, along with the fuel pump area to the west of the center, provide ample opportunities for closer engagements.

Each of these DLC 3 maps provides a new, refreshing WWII experience. While dropping you in the center of field where historically significant conflicts took place, they provide diverse and fun ways to flex your combat muscles. With more verticality than ever and unique map designs, it’s time to join the United Front and pick up DLC Pack 3 on PlayStation®4.

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