Pro Tips – Climate: Hardpoint

by Call of Duty Staff on April 30, 2015

They call it a utopia, but disaster is about to strike. This week, we’re exploring Climate, a lush biodome promising intense Hardpoint matches. Climate is a new multiplayer map from the Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC pack, available now on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation®Network, and PC.




Use Every Avenue


All possible Hardpoint locations on Climate.


While Climate isn’t a very large map, it has a lot of open space. When attacking the Hardpoint, analyze every available route. If you’re only pushing from one angle, the defenders are going to have an advantage over you. Instead, disorient them by watching your teammates’ movement on the mini-map and utilizing a different attack route. With so many platforms available, consider attacking from a height advantage as well.


Be Versatile With the OHM




The OHM, Ascendance’s two-in-one directed energy weapon, works particularly well on this map, especially on Hardpoint. The LMG provides a powerful long-range option when attacking players in the open, while the shotgun shines in defensive situations. As you learn the map, you’ll get a better idea of when to switch between the two firing modes for greater effect.


Avoid the Water


Initially, stepping foot in the biodome’s waterways simply slows your movement, a strong enough disadvantage on its own. Halfway through the match, the water filtration system corrupts, spilling dangerous chemicals into the streams. From this point, the tainted water not only slows but also damages and disorients players. It’s in your best interest to avoid contact at all costs. Take advantage of Climate’s platforming potential to stay safe and take out stragglers below.


To Grapple or Not


Climate’s environment plays very different between the Exo Grapple playlist and the regular playlist option. Using a grapple, players can navigate the map very quickly, and more easily avoid the water. Because of this, however, it’s also easier for enemy players to get around you when they’re rushing a Hardpoint. Without the grapple, you need to be more conscious of your movement; if you don’t have a plan, you’re likely to get caught out in the open.


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