Butcher’s Blitzkrieg Weapons Part II

Got range? These weapons do.

Butcher’s Blitzkrieg Weapons Part II

Got range? These weapons do.

Because Captain Butcher keeps his whereabouts between HQ stints close to the chest, we’re left to wonder just how he comes into all of the gear he brings back with him. After heated discussion, which quickly escalated to screaming, shoving and saying things you can’t ever take back (yes, you know exactly what I’m talking about, Keith), we settled on two working theories of how Butcher gets all this stuff. Either he persuaded a wealthy dowager to bequeath him a series of factories… through seduction, or the military gives it to him and he’s just in charge of delivery.

The second one is the most likely but we can’t rule out the first. We previously discussed three new weapons which can be unlocked as Collection Rewards. This week, we’ve got three ranged weapons: two Rifles and a Sniper Rifle. Let’s have a look.

Type 38

The Type 38 adds another notch to that impressive resume. This bolt-action beast boasts the one thing every sniper demands: accuracy, and lots of it. You’ll rack up one-hit kills, from the mid-chest and up, with ease because of how steady your sights lie when aiming down these sights. In addition to best-in-class accuracy, the Type 38 also provides the fastest fire rate among the bolt-action Sniper Rifles. Even if the unmatched accuracy isn’t quite enough to hit your target on the first try, you’ll be able to get in another before any enemy is the wiser.

M2 Carbine

If you’ve ever spent time with the M1A1, you’ve probably had the thought ‘*****, this thing is so accurate, it’d be nice if it were fully-automatic… nah, that’d be too much’. Well, great news, because the M2 Carbine is just the answer to that idle pipedream of a thought. All of the barely noticeable kick and deadly accuracy of the M1A1 but with full-auto firing. As far as accuracy goes, there isn’t another Rifle that can beat it. The M2 dishes out three-hit kills with ease and at impressive range. Looking for your new favorite long-range laser for Hardcore modes? Put an end to that search and give this thing a go. The M2 proves that, as both life and math continually teach us, two is better than one.

Type 5

For those of you who love semi-auto Rifles but can’t stand the vertical kick that often accompanies them, we humbly present the Type 5. If there’s any kick when firing this thing, there’s very little of it. It’s reliably the steadiest two-shot kill Rifle in the game. Matched in accuracy only by the M2 Carbine, the only drawback is a relatively modest fire rate. However, with such a steady aim, you’ll likely only need the two shots to wipe out enemies. Like the M2, this thing also thrives in all Hardcore modes. It’s also great for quickly disposing of incoming troops when you’re defending the bunkers in Operation Neptune. So, take a long look at your current favorite semi-auto Rifle, they just may start collecting dust now that the Type 5 is around.

Keep an eye out for these impressive, new weapons in Supply Drops or unlock Epic variants as Collection Rewards. Once you get a crack at them, your old go-to loadout may become a distant memory. Captain Butcher has blessed us with a bounty of weapons and, regardless of how he came into possession of them, our loadouts are all better off for it.

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