Breathe In & Hold: The Sniper’s Life

Steady hand. Steady aim.

by Call of Duty Staff on April 20, 2018

When you engage the Sharpshooter Focus skill – now accompanying all Sniper Rifles – the periphery of your sight blacks out, the surrounding chaos turns to silence, and you hold your breath to steady your aim. That deep inhale, a must for any long-distance marksman, slows the world around you and forces you into the present moment: it’s the sniper’s bliss.

Recent changes to the Division system have long-rangers spoiled for choice in their loadouts. With this Zen-like focused tranquility no longer tied exclusively to the Mountain Division, you’ll undoubtedly explore other Divisions when looking to snipe. Obviously, the Mountain’s ability to stay hidden remains appealing, but if you’re looking to expand your mind and your loadout dexterity, we’ve got a couple non-Mountain Division suggestions we’ve grown to enjoy.

Resistance: Be A Know-It-All

A big hurdle to routinely picking off enemies from afar is spotting them. Whether it’s in your sight or on the mini-map, you need to pick your targets and drop them quick to keep from getting spotted. That’s why the Resistance could emerge as the favored sniping class. Everything’s amplified with the Resistance – and when you’re in that tranquil Sharpshooter Focus – enemy movements are easier to hear, targets are easier to spot and your mini-map coverage is larger. Fittingly, you’ll also blur the mini-map of nearby hostiles while getting a directional indicator and get an Intel Ping any time you record a kill or assist.


Consider how much additional intelligence this gives you and how that makes staying alive an easier task. If you’ve got a nice vantage point, you’ll hear enemies creeping up on you. Or, even if they’re silent, you’ll get an indicator on your mini-map alerting you to their presence. So, pick out a sniping serenity nook. Then, call in Paratroopers and let ‘em go to work while you clean up fleeing foes.

Expeditionary: Extremely Well-Equipped

Savvy equipment use will keep you alive for a shockingly long period of time. So, why not double-down on your Lethals and Tacticals? For marksman, consider the S-Mine 44. Concealed in the ground, these get triggered when enemies run over them by popping up in the air and exploding. In terms of unexpected, demoralizing owns, dying at the hands of an S-Mine you never saw is up at the top. Not only that, but once someone runs over that mine, you can just resupply from them and plant another. It’s a cycle that’ll fill up your Scorestreaks while you breathe deeply and snipe in the meantime.

Embrace your sharpened focus.