Surviving Shipment 1944

You know what they’re doing. Here’s how to beat ‘em.

Surviving Shipment 1944

You know what they’re doing. Here’s how to beat ‘em.

There may be three shipping containers with only one way in or out. But on Shipment 1944, there’s nowhere to hide.

Since making its Call of Duty®: WWII debut in March, Shipment 1944 immediately cemented itself in the regular rotation of many players. If there’s a better place to complete a timed Contract than in a close-quarters map where your average number of engagements skyrockets, we haven’t found it. Whether it’s Kill Confirmed, Team Deathmatch or Domination, Shipment 1944 cooks-up Call of Duty® real nice and injects a frenetic brand of action that keeps you coming back for more. With so many players cycling through to get a dose of Shipment, inevitably trends have emerged. Anybody who’s Domination-danced among the shipping containers has either utilized one of these tactics or been killed by them.

It’s popular for a reason. Shipment 1944 is a blast to play. So, for those of you who just can’t stop shippin’, here are some of the tactics we continually see and how we try to counter them.

LMG Campers

Their Bipods could be planted on a vehicle in two of the corners. They could be nestled just behind containers facing the areas next to the vehicles on the other two corners. Whether one of these spots or all four, we’ve all gotten clipped by these favored stationary, heavy-weapons spots. Frankly, it’s hard to blame them for having a winning strategy. How many times has a match on Shipment 1944 ended with the Bronze Star going to somebody with a Lewis laying waste to a batch of recently spawned soldiers? It’s an easy way to rack up kills.

To combat this, use your Tacticals. Everybody gets one, but rolling with the Expeditionary Division or the Concussed Basic Training gives you two. Expeditionary gets the edge here because, not only do they get a little boost in Tactical effectiveness (smoke lingers longer, gas inflicts more damage, etc.), but you can run the Undercover Basic Training. Huck a Smoke Grenade at that stream of LMG fire and, as you run through the smoke, that Undercover will keep your name hidden. Or, take a couple Gas Grenades. If you need to flush someone out of an area, the poison gas inflicts damage and creates enough of a visual impairment to bump enemies off their spot.

The name’s Huckster, Grenade Huckster.

This is America and there’s nothing we love more than a huckster. From bombastic conmen pitching us elaborate hoaxes to _CptnL0gicTheGirlfriendHaver equipping Saboteur and immediately hucking both Frag Grenades at the ‘B’ point every time he spawns, hucksters aren’t going away, they only adapt and gain confidence. Saboteur becomes extra dangerous on such a small map because shorter fused grenades rarely give you time to react.

For us, the answer is one of two things: the Armored Division or Hunker Basic Training. Both provide protection from explosives, but we like the versatility of Hunker combined with the added bonus of resetting the fuse on returned Frag grenades. Send that explode-y pineapple back from whence it came and enemies will think twice before joining the storied tradition of American hucksters.

Center Container Chads

The center section of Shipment 1944 alternates from an eerie silence in Team Deathmatch to total chaos in Domination. When the center of the map is really jumpin’, you can count on one thing: for somebody to be posted-up in the lone open container picking off any passerby. They can effectively terrorize the middle of the map from inside that container with just about any weapon and keep people off of ‘B’ for a good chunk of time.

The simplest solution is to shoot them out of there. That container can be shot through and, once you start seeing hit-markers, you’ve found your target and know to keep firing. That’s simple enough but, when you’re facing the back of a container, you leave yourself vulnerable to wide open areas you’d otherwise be minding. If you want to avoid that, use a bit of the wisdom of the all-American huckster from the previous section. Bounce a grenade off of the stacked containers and it’ll roll into the open one. And, if you’ve got Saboteur equipped or just cook the grenade correctly, they’ll have no time to escape.

It’s small. But, *****, if it isn’t a lot of fun to run around Shipment 1944. With these tips and some of your own insights, you’ll be whipping around the stacks and cleaning up on less-savvy players who didn’t read this blog post. And, right now, It’s got its very own 24/7 playlist. So, get in there while you can mainline Shipment all day, every day.

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