Resolutions: Domination

Take this month to improve your stats, skills and standing in the Call of Duty community.

by Call of Duty Staff on January 04, 2018



New Year’s Resolutions. Most of us make a few, and while it’s great to make resolutions IRL, like get more exercise, cut back on fast food or stop looking up your ex on social media (I still love you Ellie Mae), it’s equally important to make a few for what REALLY matters: your Call of Duty career. So, in the spirit of self-improvement, we’ll be counting down our top resolutions throughout January in what we’re calling:



Yeah, not the most creative name, but at least you know exactly what you’re getting. Now, while you can’t wipe your KD clean and you’ll never forget that time you went 4 and 27 on Sainte Marie Du Mont (it’s ok, it’s just not your map), you can take this month to improve your stats, skills and standing in the Call of Duty community. And these resolutions will help you do exactly that. So without further ado, we present...



While we all love a good match of TDM, it’s important to be well-versed in all the modes Call of Duty: WWII has to offer. It’ll help you develop new skills, give you opportunities to earn more XP and help you level up those Divisions you might be neglecting. One of the most versatile and rewarding modes is Domination. It’s got all the lead-flying action of Team Deathmatch with the added satisfaction of capturing objectives and working as a team. Not only that, but it’s a phenomenal way to earn XP.


Trying to get more exercise? Dom demands you move around a lot to capture and defend objectives. All that running is a great way to complete your Physical Training Challenges, like Energetic: accumulate 100 kills after sprinting with the Energetic Basic Training equipped to earn yourself a nice little 2000 XP bonus.

Looking to top out the Armored Division and unlock the beautifully deadly and deadly beautiful MG42? Domination is practically made for Armored. Find yourself some cover near an objective your team holds, plop down that bipod-equipped LMG and defend that flag to your dying breath. You’ll rack up the kills in no time because it’s easier to down enemies when you know exactly where they’re going.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you get your fill of Domination and hone your objective capturing skills, give Hardpoint or War a try. Or, if you’re feeling fancy, move on to Search and Destroy or give Hardcore Domination a go. Trust us: it’s not as hard as you think it is.


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