Quartermaster Comms #14: Operation: Shamrock & Awe Edition

May good fortune find you before the Big Irish does.

by Call of Duty Staff on March 16, 2018

Aoy-hoy, lads and lasses. Captain Butcher ushered in Operation: Shamrock & Awe which means we’re in for another edition of Quartermaster Comms. We’ve got a couple limited-time, St. Paddy’s-themed weapon variants and a Contract whose reward will make you feel extremely lucky. But, first, a little primer on the newest game mode: Leprechaun Hunt. It’s a fun twist on the game modes you already love, plus you get 2XP before it goes away on April 3rd 10 AM PT. There’s a lot going on this week, let’s get into it. 

Leprechaun Hunt
It’s Domination and you’re running around Point du Hoc with your trusty PPSh-41. You dive onto the A-point and, as you’re capturing the point, you hear a cackle. Your screen reads ‘a mysterious creature has appeared…’ It’s not a horror movie. It’s Leprechaun Hunt.

Leprechaun Hunt is a mosh pit of popular game modes – Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination and Kill Confirmed – but, every now and then, a small creature appears and runs around the map. He’s elusive and difficult to kill. However, if you are the one who kills the little guy, every single one of your Scorestreaks is filled up. Nice little perk, right? Almost seems worth the risk to be looking around your ankles for a little man in green cackling as he dodges your bullets.


All these instant Scorestreaks you’ll get in Leprechaun Hunt are sure to ratchet up the action a notch or twelve. So, jump into the fray and earn yourself 2XP while you’re hunting.

MG 81 – Epic ‘Big Irish’

As you may have noticed by now, the all-new, heavy-duty MG 81 lays down the heavy fire with the best of them. It’s the range-y, low recoil beast of an LMG you’ve been looking for. And if you stop by Captain Butcher, you’ll find the joyful St. Paddy’s themed variant of this beastly weapon called, simply: Big Irish. You’re not likely to see a more aptly named variant as this thing delivers on its moniker – along with 10% bonus Soldier XP per kill.It’s big and green with gold accents to bring the whole thing together in a tidy package of the biggest, most Irish LMG variant around. Lay down the heavy fire in a big way. A Big Irish way.

M-38 – Epic ‘Top O’ The Mornin’’
If you haven’t experienced the M-38 yet, now’s the time to do something about it. It’s the SMG with lengthy range and the fastest-in-class aim down sight. And a good way to rectify that is to swing by Butcher’s place and unlock the themed Collection Reward called Top O’ The Mornin’. This little SMG package of good fortune comes with a flurry of four-leaf clovers adorning the half closest to you. The green of the clovers give way to a dark black in the middle third, then transitions to a shiny gold finish at the end of the barrel. Keep that luck close to your chest. Your enemies will only see you shine.


That’s it for this week’s Quartermaster Comms. Captain Butcher packs up and ships out on April 3rd at 10 AM PT. So, get in some 2XP Leprechaun Hunt and make sure you unlock these two Operation: Shamrock & Awe-themed variants before they’re no longer available!