Pro Tips – Quarantine

Pro Tips – Quarantine

Liberty Island’s seen better days. Following a deadly viral outbreak, the island has been converted into a biological testing facility with tight corners and open spaces for fast-paced, variable gameplay. Quarantine is a new multiplayer map from the Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Reckoning DLC Pack, available now on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation®Network, and PC.





While medium in size, Quarantine’s layout is segmented in a way that funnels players into instant conflict at the turn of a corner. Always check your surroundings when changing locations and watch for enemy players emerging from the middle section. Skirmishes get hectic fast there, and attentive players can take advantage of this by taking out wounded targets fleeing from the center.


Middle Mayhem


The lone tree in the middle grows out of a single pillar rising from the depths. Part way through the match, blast doors surrounding the pillar retract, threatening careless players with a fall to their death. The Satellite Drone spawns here in Uplink, inviting chaotic skirmishes in attempt to capture the ball. Attack enemies along the sides and only rush the center when you’ve got a clear escape, otherwise you risk getting surrounded with little room to move. When possible, accompany a teammate to improve your chances of survival.


Pick Your Poison


You never know exactly what’s around the next corner, and Quarantine supports a variety of play styles. Shotguns and SMGs dominate the center and tight interior locations, while assault rifles and even snipers can make good use of the open spaces along the perimeter. Come prepared with a variety of weapon options to best approach the current objective or needs at hand. The more flexible your loadout selection, the better.


Above and Below


With just two levels of verticality, Quarantine encourages plenty of head-to-head skirmishes. While this reduces the threat of overhead attacks, it also makes it more difficult to outwit your opponents. Success here is more reliant on a fast trigger finger and awareness of what’s around you. Consider the Quickdraw and Stock weapon attachments to keep your weapon up and your movement light mid-skirmish. Don’t let up and you might just make it out of this place alive.


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