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Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone™ Weapon Detail: C58

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Unlocked for free at Tier 31 in the Season Four Battle Pass, the C58 offers controlled, high-damage fire. Read on for tips when using the new assault rifle in Multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone.

  • Weapon Detail
  • Season 04

Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone™ Weapon Detail: C58

  • BOCW
  • WZ

Unlocked for free at Tier 31 in the Season Four Battle Pass, the C58 offers controlled, high-damage fire. Read on for tips when using the new assault rifle in Multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone.

  • Weapon Detail
  • Season 04

Season Four is well underway in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, and it’s likely you’ve got some Battle Pass Tiers under your belt now. In our previous weapon detail, we covered the MG 82, a monster LMG unlocked for free at Tier 15. This week we’re looking at another free-to-earn weapon—the C58 Assault Rifle—a real puncher unlocked at Tier 31.

Here’s its in-game description:

“Full-auto assault rifle. High damage at close range with a slower fire rate. Fast bullet velocity and reliable recoil control with less ammo capacity.”

Let’s take a closer look.

C58 Overview

What the C58 lacks in fire rate and ammo capacity, it more than makes up for with punch and control. Within the Black Ops Cold War assault rifle weapon class, it’s bested only by the Krig 6 in accuracy, with better-than-average firepower and low ammo and handling speeds. It’s all about precision and power here.

Much of the weapon’s steady control comes from its slow fire rate, giving ample time to recenter between shots. This allows for accurate, sustained fire, an especially useful feature when targeting enemies at range. If you get in the first shot, it’s your fight to win.

Without any attachments, the C58 is a powerful if slow-handling weapon, and its base 20 rounds per magazine can hurt during longer fights. Luckily, ammo concerns are easily addressed with several strong Magazine attachments, and additions like Speed Tape and a variety of the Stock attachments up the handling speed, too.

Reliable and strong, the C58 is a powerful contender in the assault rifle category, across Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Blueprint Review and Loadout

Forgotten Oasis

The sun’s out and it’s time to get the summer kicking. Grab your swimsuit and unlock the water park–themed “Forgotten Oasis” Legendary Weapon Blueprint at Tier 100 in the Season Four Battle Pass. With a design like this, you’re certain to slide right to the top of the leaderboard.

Here’s a recommended loadout using the “Forgotten Oasis” to eliminate midrange targets in Multiplayer:

Primary: Forgotten Oasis

Secondary: Squishy Slimes Pistol Blueprint (unlocked at Tier 45 of the Season Four Battle Pass)

Perks: Engineer, Assassin, Cold Blooded

Equipment: Frag Grenade x2, Stun Grenade x2

Field Upgrade: Field Mic

Wildcard: Danger Close

Take up mid-range power positions using the “Forgotten Oasis” assault rifle, outfitted with a 2x magnification scope and the 18.7” Ranger barrel for high-velocity fire. The Infantry Compensator further controls vertical recoil, and the Salvo 30 Round Fast Mag negates the C58’s ammo issues in exchange for a slower aim speed. Handling speeds remain slow with this loadout, though precision and damage are at a premium.

When the enemy gets close, switch to the “Squishy Slimes” Weapon Blueprint for a fast swap option that can compete in close quarters, then switch back and return to mid-range fire. And don’t forget to pummel enemies with your Equipment, an impressive two Stun Grenades and two Frag Grenades courtesy of the Danger Close Wildcard.

Perks include Engineer to easily detect enemy Equipment and Scorestreaks, which can help you locate Operators from a distance; the ability to re-roll Care Packages also comes in handy when using that Scorestreak. Speaking of, use Assassin in Scorestreak-enabled modes to boost your earned score when eliminating enemies on a streak. Finally, take Cold Blooded to avoid fire from AI-controlled Scorestreaks so you can focus on the enemies in front of you.

Finally, add the Field Mic for added reconnaissance near your position, helping you detect enemy movement nearby. With all this in play, you’re bound to have some summer fun.

Attachment Advice for Multiplayer

When picking attachments for the C58, consider whether your overall goal is to improve upon its strengths of power and control or to counter its weaknesses of low ammo capacity and slow handling. Of course, a mix is possible, but it pays to specialize. Here’s what we recommend in Multiplayer:

Optic: At its most powerful in the mid-range, the C58 benefits strongly from Optics around 2x magnification. This gives you a good balance of precision and target acquisition without overly hindering your ability to fight up close. For bigger maps and longer sight lines, however, consider a more high-powered zoom.

Muzzle: When using iron sights or low zoom Optics, the Flash Guard 7.62 offers helpful muzzle flash concealment for clearer targeting through fire. The Infantry Compensator is also recommended, adding even greater vertical recoil control with a minimal penalty to horizontal control.

Barrel: The 15.6” Ultralight lends a respectable boost to movement speed at an early weapon level, though you can work toward the 18.7” Reinforced Heavy for greater damage at range. The 18.2” Takedown might be the best bargain, with +150% effective damage range at a miniscule penalty to your sprinting move speed.

Body: The C58 deals big damage up close, so don’t underestimate the power of hip fire when accompanied by a laser. Pick up the Steady Aim Laser for an early boost, with eyes on the SWAT 5mw Laser Sight if you don’t mind the minor penalty to Aim Down Sight (ADS) speed. If you’re consistently fighting at longer ranges, opt instead for the SOF Target Designator.  

Underbarrel: The C58’s controlled recoil means that you can pass on this category if you’re not using the Gunfighter Wildcard, though the Foregrip and Infiltrator Grip make good options for improved control and movement speed.

Magazine: This may be the most important attachment category for this weapon. Right away, the 35 Round Drum offers a significant boost to magazine capacity, or try the Jungle-Style Mag to quicken your reload speed. At weapon level 43, the SAS Mag Clamp may be the strongest in class, giving a noticeable boost to reload speed and starting ammo at minimal penalty.

Handle: Another strong category, as several of the C58’s most important attachments negatively affect your ADS speed. Start with the Speed Tape until you get the SASR Jungle Grip and finally the Serpent Wrap.

Stock: The Tactical Stock is an always-reliable early choice, with the SAS Combat Stock and Raider Stock offering significant movement speed bonuses that are worth pursuing if you don’t mind the hit to your hip-fire accuracy.

Attachment Advice for Zombies

The C58’s high damage and controllable recoil make it a great choice for Zombies, where with a little finesse you can line up headshots one after the other. Upgrade your Assault Rifle Skill Tiers with Aetherium Crystals for added long-shot and critical bonus damage, greatly improving the C58’s damage potential.

Consider these attachments when outfitting for Zombies:

Magazine: First and foremost, you’ll want a better magazine. Since ADS speed isn’t as important in Zombies, go for the 25 Round Speed Mag as your first major upgrade, eventually followed up by the Salvo 30 Round Fast Mag. The STANAG 60 Round Drum is useful, too, if you don’t mind a minor dip in damage output.

Body: Sometimes you just have to hip fire to create space. At higher weapon levels, try the SWAT 5mw Laser Sight and finally the Ember Sighting Point. The hip-fire-accuracy boost can help negate penalties to hip fire in other attachment categories.

Stock: Improve your aim walking movement speed for faster backpedaling when the horde is closing in. Start with the Tactical Stock, and try the SAS Combat Stock at higher weapon levels.

Attachment Advice for Warzone

In Warzone, where engagements are often farther out, it’s worth catering to the C58’s strengths by improving upon its damage and accuracy. As long as you’re properly prepared and ready to engage, its handling issues shouldn’t give you much trouble.

Try these attachments for a strong mid- to long-range configuration:

Optic: Start with a 2x zoom level in the early weapon levels, and work your way up to 3x and 4x. Give all three options a chance to see which ones you prefer for different situations and playlists.

Barrel: You can’t go wrong with the 18.7” Reinforced Heavy, providing improved bullet velocity, effective damage range, and horizontal and vertical recoil control. You lose some speed and hip-fire accuracy in the process, but the trade-off is well worth it.

Ammunition: You don’t want to punch through an enemy’s armor just to have to reload before finishing the job, so grab the 45 Round Drum right away. Then determine whether it’s worth giving up some ADS speed for further improvements to ammo capacity and reload speed.

Muzzle: Since you’ll be firing from longer distances more regularly, it’s worth adding even more control to your shots. The Flash Guard 7.62 is a great early choice with no penalties and a boost to your vertical recoil control, aiming stability, and concealment while firing.

Now get out there and punch a hole in the competition. With the C58, you’re certain to land the shot.

Execute the mission.

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