Warzone Wednesday, April 28 — Five Tips for New Players and a Tour of Summit

Welcome to the newest series on the Call of Duty® blog, which serves up the best of the Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Official Strategy Guide. Read on for crucial tips that players should know and to get a closer look at Summit.

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Warzone Wednesday, April 28 — Five Tips for New Players and a Tour of Summit

Welcome to the newest series on the Call of Duty® blog, which serves up the best of the Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Official Strategy Guide. Read on for crucial tips that players should know and to get a closer look at Summit.

  • Strategy Guides
  • Season Three


·        Let’s Drop In

·        POI of the Week: Summit

·        Top Five Tips

·        Need More Intel?

It’s #WarzoneWednesday — Let’s Drop In


Welcome to the WarzoneTM, Operators.


Every Wednesday is #WarzoneWednesday here on the Call of Duty blog. This weekly column — and, by extension, the Official Warzone Strategy Guide — will help you become one of the most elite Operators in the world.


Like the game it covers, the strategy guide received its biggest update yet last week, and although reading every one of its 230,000+ words will help turn you into an elite Operator, we know it may be a bit much for one sitting.


Therefore, in addition to it being a great second-screen experience, these #WarzoneWednesday posts will break down a fresh Point of Interest and provide five tips straight from the guide, in addition to any other updates that are worth putting on your radar.


With all that said… let’s drop in:

Point of Interest of the Week: Summit


The first area that the Warzone guide covers within Verdansk is Summit. This is the most notable area of the map’s northwest sector. It’s familiar ground for Black Ops fans, as its Control Room is an ode to the classic Multiplayer map.


Here is just a small sampling of what this POI is all about, specifically its Control Room:

Summit Overview — Φ/Λ: C/2 (North Center): An incredible feat of Soviet engineering, the Control Tower sits on a vast rock outcrop attached to the deep river gorge below and is the epicenter of the Summit installation. The military in charge of constructing this vertical base of operation designed it to be virtually impossible to infiltrate with the appropriate level of defensive security. It is fortunate, then, that you have the run of the place. 

Summit Control Room: Interior (4F): The main command and control room for Soviet military operations across Verdansk reveals the latest in Soviet technology, including reel-to-reel recordings, a computer bank, desks, monitoring equipment, and, more importantly, places to take cover and fire from.


On the northwest wall are two sets of double doors between the Soviet emblem; these lead to the Gondola Station.


In the north corner is a door leading to the Maintenance Stairs (up to Floor 05 and the Control Room balcony, or down to Floors 02 and 01).


In the east and south corners are alcoves to hide inside if you’re attempting an ambush.


To the southeast is a wall of three massive windows, enabling you to snipe vast distances and tackle foes on the cliff edges to the east and west, as well as enemies on the viaduct and beyond. Smash a window and you can parachute out like a maniac, or stay on the narrow lip and ambush foes from this precarious vantage point.

In the west corner to the right of the interior staircase is a door leading to a small connecting storage corridor and out to the side gantry and Overhang Storage.


The southwest staircase allows access between Floors 04 and 05 of the Command Room interior chamber.

Control Room Balcony, Upper Control Room: Interior (5F): The upper balcony is U-shaped and directly above the main Control Room. It features a number of interesting areas to take advantage of:


·        On the north side is a door to the Maintenance Stairwell (down to Floors 04, 02, and 01), as well as the elevator shaft that leads all the way down to the Vehicle Bay (2B). 


·        To the southeast are sloped windows enabling you to fire across the Gora River Valley, or smash them and escape via parachute. Note there are skylights; expect foes from above at any point!


·        There are windows along the southwest wall, too. Shoot them out and leap to the roof of the Overhang Storage building.


·        In the west corner is a door leading to an upper control room. Here, you’ll find a narrow vantage point with windows on either main wall you can smash to fire down on the main Control Room area or the Gondola Station.



Again, this is the tip of the spear for Summit. We didn’t even mention all the points of entry, the Gondola Stations, and the other buildings outside the main Control Room. You can find all that intel in the full Warzone Official Strategy Guide.



Top Five Tips of the Week:


For the first ever #WarzoneWednesday, we’re curating our Top Five Tips straight from the more “greenhorn-focused” sections of the strategy guide.


Even if you aren’t a new player, these tips are great for improving your game by going back to the basics:

Tip #001 — Navigation and Callouts 101

Welcome to the Warzone: Basic Training / Gaining Complete Control


The mini-map and compass are two of the biggest pieces of reconnaissance technology in the game — and they come standard on your HUD. Use them to call out enemies (e.g., “two snipers at 90 degrees/East/90”) or plan your next move. Also, look on the bottom of the compass to see the name of the location you are currently in, which can also help with navigation and callouts in combination with our map.

Tip #002 — Context Clues

Welcome to the Warzone: Basic Training / Gaining Complete Control


Pay close attention to your HUD for additional button prompts, lest you miss a grenade icon and get blown to bits. Furthermore, when your HUD flashes red, it means you are taking damage; the direction of where these red flashes come from indicate where you are taking fire from. Use this to take proper cover and call out enemies.

Tip #016 — No Shame in Practice

Welcome to the Warzone: Basic Training / Tutorials


Whether it’s getting a better understanding of the basic mechanics or practicing against artificial opponents, never feel bad about doing the Tutorial. In fact, come back if you’re ever unsure of the basics or need a warm-up before dropping into a proper match.

Tip #113 — A Grand Tour of Verdansk

Infil: Tactics in the Warzone / Tac Map General Locations


Exploring all of Verdansk can be done more easily in Plunder compared to Battle Royale, as the circle collapse will limit the playable area. For that reason, those who explore each locale on the map using this Atlas may want to play Blood Money.

Tip #169 — Summit All Up, and You Get Plenty of Action

Tac Map: Atlas / Verdansk: North / Gora Summit


The individual buildings within Summit offer great close-quarters opportunities, especially the familiar sights of the main Command and Control Centers. However, snipers and long-range weaponry can rule the spaces between buildings… just watch your step before you fall into the gorge below!


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