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Modern Warfare® Weapon Detail: AS VAL

  • MW

Read up on this reward for reaching Tier 31 of the Season Six Battle Pass system including how it can be configured to make it further stand out as a stealthy powerhouse within the deep assault rifle class.

Modern Warfare® Weapon Detail: AS VAL

  • MW

Read up on this reward for reaching Tier 31 of the Season Six Battle Pass system including how it can be configured to make it further stand out as a stealthy powerhouse within the deep assault rifle class.

Along with the SP-R 208 marksman rifle, all Operators can earn the new AS VAL assault rifle as part of the Season Six Battle Pass system, at Tier 31, free.

A weapon that brings the incredibly robust assault rifle category to a baker’s dozen of death-dealing options, the AS VAL is specifically tailored for covert operations thanks to two unique, built-in features detailed in its description:

“Chambered in subsonic 9x39mm and integrally suppressed, the AS VAL is a powerhouse built for stealth, accuracy, and penetration. This weapon will excel in the hands of an operator able to control heavy recoil and high rate of fire.”

AS VAL Overview

By design, the AS VAL fits two specific roles within one general playstyle: remaining off the radar as a stealthy Operator. Depending on how it is configured, this weapon can play well in close-quarters clandestine scenarios or become a phenomenal silenced long-range tool as a semi-auto DMR.

Without any attachments equipped, AS VAL is a fast and silent four shot kill up close, with a fire rate and damage profile higher than both the RAM-7 or M13. For recoil, expect the AS VAL to kick up violently upwards with little side-to-side movement. This grows more pronounced as the weapon’s small 20-round base magazine is expended, with an option to upgrade it to a more reasonable 30-round extended magazine via attachment.

In addition, its subsonic rounds move slower, but are highly lethal. Players that can manage successive shots on target(upper torso or head) will reduce the amount of ammo needed to take down an opponent.

The other magazine option – the SPP 10-R Mags – changes the weapon into a semi-auto rifle with armor-piercing rounds, making it a one-shot headshot machine with a reliable, two-shot base damage profile. It also gains a serious buff to penetration, which is important when destroying enemy equipment, eliminating Killstreaks, or firing through walls.

No matter what ammo you use, know that it will be subsonic, which combined with the weapon’s integrated suppressor makes you suited for your squad’s next covert operation.

Blueprint Review and Loadout


Available at Tier 100, the Malphas kits the weapon for long-range play, configuring it with the SPP ammo conversion, its longest barrel, and a sniper scope. The Rubberized Grip tape will help with recoil control, while the wooden VLK Vintazh Stock offers solid aiming stability.

This all plays well when picking off enemies at a distance from a concealed location. One potential playstyle would be to have the squad push up as you fire from a distance, aiming for headshots and disrupting normal combat flow.

Primary: Malphas

Secondary: Al Rukh SMG Blueprint (Available at Tier 20 of the Season Six Battle Pass)

Perks: Cold Blooded, Overkill, Amped

Equipment: Proximity Mine, Stun Grenade

It would be remiss to leave the Al Rukh, the Light Tracer counter to the Malphas’ awesome Dark Tracer Rounds, off the table when talking potential loadouts. This SMG is kitted for unsuppressed mid-range battles, picking up where the Malphas may start to lose ground or once cover is blown.

The perks are a mix of necessities – Overkill for two primary weapons and Amped to speed up weapon swap speed – along with a stealth choice in Cold Blooded, which keeps an Operator off thermal optics and High Alert pings. For equipment, take Proximity Mines to defend chokepoints leading up to that sniping perch, and a Stun Grenade to slow enemy movements should they encroach on your position.

Two Warzone™ Loadout Suggestions

1. Stealth Snipe

Primary: AS VAL

VLK 200mm Osa, Bipod, SPP 10-R Mags, Variable Zoom Scope, VLK Strelok

Secondary: Red Sparrow Handgun Blueprint (Available at Tier 42 of the Season Six Battle Pass)

Perks: Cold Blooded, Ghost, Battle Hardened

Equipment: Throwing Knife, Decoy Grenade

Outside of the Malphas blueprint, this configuration is another fantastic choice for an Operator who wants to play as a silent sniper-type in Verdansk.

The Osa Barrel is the weapon’s longest out of the three, the SPP ammo adds its damage buff, the Variable Zoom Scope is crucial for long-range fights, and the other two attachments help significantly with recoil, especially while crouched or prone. With this configuration, expect to have fast, hard-hitting shots down range without too much trouble in handling recoil.

Pair this with a handgun equipped with shotgun-like Snake Shot ammo, and you’ll have some crucial CQB protection if an enemy comes up to your sniping perch. Rounding out the loadout is a selection of perks and equipment built for stealth operations, along with Battle Hardened that brings an always-helpful resistance to enemy tactical equipment to the party.

2. CQB Sweeper

Primary: AS VAL

VLK 105mm Sova, Operator Foregrip, Tac Laser, 30 Round Mags, VLK 3.0x Optic

Secondary: Finger Trap Shotgun Blueprint (Available at Tier 27 of the Season Six Battle Pass)

Perks:  E.O.D., Overkill, Battle Hardened

Equipment: C4, Heartbeat Sensor

An alternate way to use the AS VAL in Warzone is making it into an aggressive, CQB-style weapon that can still excel out in open fields.

The shortened VLK 105mm Sova Barrel and Tac Laser both help speed up aim down sight (ADS) time, while the VLK Optic and Operator Foregrip aid in getting more accurate shots during mid-range fights. Combined with 30 Round Mags, which gives this weapon a generous 50% magazine ammo capacity increase, this assault rifle is primed for wiping squads within 30 meters.

If fighting devolves into even closer-quarters, the Finger Trap should serve as a reliable two-tap shotgun, complete with its own suppressor so that you still stay off the radar. This loadout’s perks and equipment are a well-rounded mix that reduces damage to enemy non-Killstreak explosives and tactical equipment, aid in destroying infantry or vehicles, and discovering enemy nearby locations via heartbeat pulses.

Two Multiplayer Loadout Suggestions

1. Rapid Raid

Primary: AS VAL

Stovl SOF, Merc Foregrip, 5mW Laser, Stippled Grip Tape, Stovl 6P30 Skelet

Secondary: Third Degree Handgun Blueprint (Available at Tier 8 of the Season Six Battle Pass)

Perks: Scavenger, Ghost, Tracker

Equipment: Frag Grenade, Flash Grenade

This loadout is built around the Stovl SOF Barrel, which is what special forces operators use for raids inside buildings.

Because of the close-quarters nature of building-based combat, the other four attachments are built around quickening the weapon’s sprint to fire and ADS speeds, along with decreasing hip fire spread for those shock, around-the-corner engagements.

With a primary suited for CQB play, it’d be wise to pack a secondary that can deal high damage at longer ranges, which is where the Third Degree shines the brightest. Scavenger helps in resupplying this weapon’s rare ammo type, Ghost keeps you off enemy radars, and Tracker could lead you on a flank route to the enemy team via their footsteps. The equipment is a gold standard for a run-and-gun Operator: a cookable Frag Greande and a blinding Flash Grenade.

2. The Counterplay

Primary: AS VAL

Tac Laser, SPP 10-R Mags, Thermal Hybrid, Rubberized Grip Tape, FMJ

Secondary: PILA 

Perks: Cold Blooded, Pointman, Spotter

Equipment: Thermite, Smoke Grenade

This loadout is tailored to a highly specific use case, but an important one nonetheless: destroying enemy equipment and Killstreaks.

SPP ammo and FMJ combined turns the AS VAL into a formidable anti-equipment, anti-vehicle, and anti-Killstreak machine. With solid recoil control from the Grip Tape, the ability to see through smoke (including your own Smoke Grenades) with the Thermal Hybrid, and some stability and ADS improvements via Tac Laser, this configuration will give you a clear sight picture and solid control when punching holes through enemy armor or through light cover.

Use this with a PILA or another launcher, as well as Thermite, to maximize destruction potential. As for perks, Cold Blooded is necessary to avoid getting gunned down by enemy Killstreaks, Spotter allows you to see enemy equipment through walls, and Pointman will ensure all your counterplay moves go rewarded by turning all Killstreaks into Scorestreaks earned via team play.

These are only just a few ways to configure the AS VAL in the Gunsmith. After you earn it within the Battle Pass system, keep levelling it up to see the near-infinite possibilities it provides for your loadouts.

We’ll see you online.

Stay frosty.

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