Operation Spectre Rising Is HERE

by Call of Duty Staff on May 03, 2019

A new season of epic content for Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 launches today, first on PlayStation® 4, with other platforms to follow. Operation Spectre Rising offers game modes with an emphasis on stealth gameplay and assassinations. Plus, you can turn yourself into a prop with the return of Prop Hunt! Intrigued? Here’s a look at what’s new for Operation Spectre Rising:

A New Specialist Infiltrates Black Ops 4:
Spectre: A mysterious and deadly liquidator from Black Ops III, very little is known about this free agent. Spectre’s place of birth, name, and even gender are unknown, but one thing is most certainly clear; you don’t want to be on the wrong end of the Shadow Blade! 
Spectre’s Special Issue Weaponry is designed to channel your inner assassin. Equip the Shadow Blade to transition your perspective to third-person for a greater field of view. Lock onto and lunge at enemies for a quick takedown or chain melee attacks to eliminate multiple opponents.
When using the Shadow Blade, Spectre can roll forward, to the side, and backflip to retreat from enemies and avoid gunfire, making this Specialist difficult to pin down. Spectre’s Special Issue Equipment, the Smoke Grenade is a complete tactical tool. It disables aim-assist of enemies caught in the smoke while outlining players so Spectre can easily take them down.

New Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Content:
New Game Mode, Prop Hunt: Arriving May 3 (on PlayStation® 4, with other platforms to follow), Prop Hunt makes its Black Ops 4 debut, pitting Hunters against Props in a 12-player, 6v6, round-based game. Props take the form of environmental scenery in a high-stakes and hilarious game of hide-and-seek! Props have 30 seconds to hide, attempting to blend into the map. They can change their prop (be it a fence or pile of logs), or strike and concuss a Hunter to escape, giving them a chance to reposition their hiding spot. Props whistle every 30 seconds to give Hunters a hint to their location. If you’re a Hunter, your task is simple; neutralize all props! If all props are found and dispatched, the Hunters win the round, but if a single prop survives the round, the Props win.

New Blackout Content:
Main Blackout Map: The Wetworks Map Update following the Dam explosion transforms areas of the main Blackout map along the river. Factory, Rivertown, Cargo Docks, and the farm near Firing Range have all suffered damage and flooding, resulting in dramatically different terrain downstream from the detonation. This means new strategic plans are needed when investigating or defending these areas. The Tactical Raft and PBR can become a great deal more important as you tactically maneuver through these waterlogged locations!
New Game Mode, Bounty Hunter: In this fun and frantic new Blackout game mode on the original map, you’re tasked with racing to find one of Spectre’s  Shadow Blades, which are marked with a beam of light. Find one, and you transform into Spectre! 
As Spectre you are given unique abilities and intel on top targets throughout the map. Equip the Shadow Blade to switch the action to third person and use your newly acquired skills: increased speed, rolling, and the ability to see foes’ digital footprints to hunt down targets. Successfully eliminating targets or surviving an attack rewards you with the bounty – a supply drop on your position. 
Spectre’s abilities are only active when the Shadow Blade is equipped, and players that switch to their stowed weapon will return to the first-person perspective. Battle as Spectre and takedown enemies to refill your health and stowed weapon ammo; the last team standing wins.
Bounty Hunter Mode Humiliations: If you’ve downed a foe in Bounty Hunter and you’re within melee range, use finishing moves to deal a final blow.  The default finisher is a stomp and Spectre’s finisher is a swift boot to the face and sword slash!