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Blackout Days of Summer Updates

  • BO4

Summertime vibes infiltrate Blackout's big map.

Blackout Days of Summer Updates

  • BO4

Summertime vibes infiltrate Blackout's big map.

The Days of Summer event brings big Blackout updates. Here are the details on everything that's new.

In addition to the lower water levels, you’ll also notice Hijacked has traveled south and docked in Nuketown Island's cove. As the sun – now set to mid-day with clear skies – shines down on the loot-filled island, you’ll likely feel some extra incentive to hot drop in. Hijacked’s presence in the cove makes the island a condensed haven for loot spawns, supply crates and, more than likely, a few gunfights.

As you traverse the waters and run that Tactical Raft ashore onto the beach, you may notice it’s a bit more crowded than before. Vacationers have set up camp with umbrellas and beach towels anywhere the sand meets the water. Once ashore, you’ll also find festive summer barbecues in places like Estates. Looks like the residents really went all out with balloons, lawn ornaments and pool floaties.

In addition to the summer scenery and backdrop, you’ll also encounter a few new items for the season.

Coolers – Open these up for a bounty of Paint Cans and character unlock items.
Water Balloons – These come in stacks of 20 and go in your Equipment slot. What more fitting way to finish off a downed opponent than with a water balloon to the face?
The Buoyant Undead or “Quacknarok”– Just because they’re dead doesn’t mean they don’t practice safe swimming. When you encounter zombies, they’ll come at you wearing duck floaties.

There's more than map updates. Days of Summer also brings a massive team game featuring an all-new vehicle. Say hello to Ground War.

Ground War is all the furious Blackout action you've come to expect in the biggest team battle to ever grace a Call of Duty® game. Each team gets their own separate flight path to drop into a massive redeploy-fueled battle. Once you hit the ground the goal is simple: eliminate all enemies.

It’s a tall task to take down half the players on the map, but remember, you’ve got plenty of teammates on your side. And, you’ll also have a new vehicle to turn the tide: the Attack Helicopter. Rain fire from above with, not one but, two mounted turrets facing either side of the vehicle. It’s the aerial terror that makes enemies wish they’d picked up that Hellion Salvo launcher when they had the chance.

There’s plenty new to take on in Blackout right now. So drop in and join the party.

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