Outfits Fit For A Thief

Outfits Fit For A Thief

Tiers and tiers of new gear descended into Black Ops 4 for Operation Grand Heist along with new outfits that are a ready for a heist. To help you sort through all the new choices, we picked some of our favorite robber-themed outfits.

Nomad - 'The Distraction'
Scarves, gator boots and, yes, that is a jumpsuit. An impressive head of hair perfectly completes this iconic, funk-rock look. Who would ever suspect such a showman is, in fact, planning on robbing you blind? Nomad’s the king for a reason. And, as has been said, if you come at the king, don’t miss.

Firebreak - 'The Carat Thief'
Not all thieves go for the sleek, athletic look of a black turtleneck and a mask. Take Firebreak, for example, when he's in the business of takin' what isn't his, he turns to two things: bunny ears and his Purifier. Disarm 'em with the endearing charm of big floppy ears. Dispose of 'em with the Purifier. It's a formula The Carat Thief utilizes quite well.

Ruin - 'The Getaway'
Road warrior Ruin cuts an intimidating, sleeveless figure. Riding the long, desert stretches of highway on a chopper gives the man time to reflect on his life running from the law. Fortunately, when he gets tired of running he can always grapple to safety.

Seraph - 'The Professional''
Any gas or chemical shenanigans needed to complete a job won’t concern masked-up, outlaw Seraph. A bag of equipment slung over her shoulder makes a fine stash for whatever leftover cash is lying around the bank vault. The extra rounds strapped across her chest are for any wanna-be heroes standing in her way.