Special Orders. Special Gear.

Unlock unique outfits, gestures and more with Special Orders.

by Call of Duty Staff on November 02, 2018

For Black Ops 4, Blackjack has introduced an all-new tier system for unlocking gear. With every tier progression, you unlock more and more items to personalize, stylize and show off in a match. But, if you want to maximize the amount of gear earned per tier, it’s time you picked up a Special Order: the latest addition to the Black Market.

Special Orders are loaded with unique contraband and vary in length. The more tiers there are, the more gear you can unlock. You also have the ability to preview each piece of gear before you get it. Keep in mind, Special Orders are refreshed regularly, so check back often.

Blackjack is always cooking up something new, so keep an eye on the Special Orders tab in the Black Market.