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Tigers & Chaos & Aether, Oh My: The Thrilling Zombies Adventures of Black Ops 4

  • BO4

It’s the Biggest, Baddest, Undead-est Zombies Offering Ever!

Tigers & Chaos & Aether, Oh My: The Thrilling Zombies Adventures of Black Ops 4

  • BO4

It’s the Biggest, Baddest, Undead-est Zombies Offering Ever!

Black Ops is back and the zombies are too, with three full adventures available right now. Uncover puzzling Easter Eggs, discover two vibrant casts of skilled zombie hunters, and wage war against the darkest, most devilish undead enemies yet. 

The Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Zombies stories exist on two separate – but equally heart-pounding – storylines: the Chaos storyline and the Aether storyline. Before you get slayin’, get acquainted with all that’s new in the world of Zombies: new characters and weapons, new loadout modifiers and all-new ways to play. Then, jump in to help expose the darkest undead forces ever seen in the history of Black Ops. The world depends on you … no pressure.

Diego, Scarlett, Stanton and Bruno are an uncommon team united by a single objective: the search for Alistair Rhodes, an eccentric occultist and Scarlett’s father. Their terrifying journey will span space and time as they follow clues and confront a mysterious evil. If there’s any group who can take on time-warped adventures in the Ancient Egyptian map, “IX,” or the Titanic map, “Voyage of Despair,” it’s the Chaos heroes. Find out more about these two stunning Zombies maps below:

IX: Magically transported to an ancient coliseum, our heroes – dressed as gladiators – must fight their way through the labyrinthine levels of this massive, bloodied arena, eliminating a terrifying infestation of never-before-seen enemies.

Voyage of Despair: The crew revisits an infamous slice of the past when they arrive on the RMS Titanic’s first and only voyage to capture a crucial artifact that may reveal Alistair’s location. Chaos really does ensue as they fight to keep the ship from sinking (let’s just say, this time … it ain’t no iceberg).

Takeo, Dempsey, Richtofen and Nikolai are back! Doomed to face the undead in a peculiar purgatory, our heroes find themselves trapped below Alcatraz Penitentiary on the “Blood of the Dead” map – a beautiful revisiting of the “Mob of the Dead,” but with an expanded map and upgraded mechanics. Our heroes have faced unimaginable monsters, dragons and undead of every kind – but now they return to Alcatraz in Richtofen’s below-ground lab, where they must battle through the winding underground paths to chase down the dangerous force that haunts them.

Special Weapons
As this is no ordinary fight, you’ll need to pack a Special Weapon no matter which storyline you get your hands on. Each of these mystical tools is suited to a different playstyle and contains incredible powers, which scale up in strength the more zombie kills the user lands.

Chaos: Scepter of Ra, Viper & Dragon, Hammer of Valhalla, Chakrams of Vengeance

Scepter of Ra: This mysterious weapon’s powers are twofold; with a forceful beam of energy, the Scepter burns enemies in its path while healing nearby allies.

Viper and Dragon: You’ll need both hands for the Viper and Dragon, a double-ended death dealer that emits a fiery blast from one fist and unleashes a bladed whip from the other.

Hammer of Valhalla: The Hammer of Valhalla knocks back enemies with a room-clearing force. Every zombie kill generates up to 50 armor for the user; so, the better you perform against the undead, the better you're prepared to face them.

Chakrams of Vengeance: With mean ricochets that bounce the Chakrams from enemy to enemy, these mystical throwing-weapons spell danger for multiple targets in any encounter.

Aether: Hellfire, Overkill, Ragnarok DG-5, Path of Sorrows

Hellfire: This mystical incendiary device starts as a flamethrower; at its full power, the Hellfire summons a flaming whirlwind that instantly kills nearby enemies.

Overkill: This powerful mini-gun sports nearly unstoppable damage; as it’s used, the Overkill becomes an insta-killing, grenade-launching, exploding tool of unfiltered death.  

Ragnarok DG-5: Take a running leap and slam the Ragnarok DG-5 into a cluster of enemies – you’ll trigger a shockwave that injures foes and boosts teammates’ damage.

Path of Sorrows: The more zombies this blade cuts down, the more movement speed it grants to the user. Over time, it renders the user invisible to zombies while activated.

Loadout Screen
Black Ops Zombies old-heads will love the detail in the new loadout screen, which showcases the Special Weapon plus three ways to fully customize the player experience: Elixirs, Perks and Talismans.

Elixirs: Goodbye, GobbleGums – hello, Elixirs! Don’t despair, Zombies fans – “In Plain Sight” and “Head Scan” Elixirs still exist. To use, map each preferred Elixir to the D-Pad or Quick Menu. Activate for a short time in-game, and after a cooldown period, you may use the Elixir again.

Perks: Zombies perks allow every player to choose 4 consumables to appear on the map at different locations. These perks can be bought during a match with points earned from zombie kills. Perk slots in the Chaos and Aether storylines have different names, but the perks you can choose to equip in those slots are the same! Try perks like “Mule Kick,” which let you carry 3 primary weapons instead of 2. Or try a perk like “Bandolier Bandit,” which lets you carry increased ammo stock. 

Pro tip: Your last perk chosen will always receive a modifier, which tacks on added power to the perk. For example, if "Electric Burst" is the last perk you choose, you'll still deploy a powerful electric discharge while reloading, which damages and stuns nearby enemies. However, the modifier extends this electric discharge to the player's melee weapon, too -- the next time the player uses a melee attack, it will shock enemies for a limited time. Try equipping different perks in the last perk slot to see which modifiers become available!

Talismans: Every Talisman is created to give the player a powerful starting advantage – so, you only get one. Here, you can equip Talismans like “Major Token of Superiority,” which lets you start the match with an AR. Or try the “Dimensional Pocket” Talisman, which lets you carry an extra frag grenade for the entirety of the match.

The deep customization available in the Zombies loadout screen makes for hundreds of variations of loadout possibilities for you to try. Plus, as you level up in Zombies, you’ll earn Nebulium Plasma – the crafting substance used to make rarer Elixirs and Talismans. So, the more you play, the more you can experiment!

And So Much More!

Classified: Those who ordered Black Ops Pass can access “Classified," the remastered “Five” map from Black Ops, right now! Join the Origins characters at the Pentagon where a new, undead force must be stopped. To get Classified and more bonus Black Ops 4 content – including 1,000 Call of Duty® Points, 300 Nebulium Plasma and more – pick up Black Ops Pass!

Now that you’ve got the low-down, it’s time to load-out. With the most deeply customizable system yet, plus the biggest-ever selection of Zombies maps available at launch, zombie-hunters have all the ingredients for entertaining, thrilling and puzzling fun – and that’s an Elixir we’d knock back any time. So, jump into any Black Ops 4 Zombies adventure right now!

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