The Ghost Pack Contingency Bundle features iconic items for the SAS Operator including the ‘Classic Ghost’ skin

In-depth intel on Ghost, Task Force 141, and the Ghost Pack Contingency Bundle in Store now for Modern Warfare® including Warzone

by Stephanie Glover on May 19, 2020

Ghost gets a new look, a Legendary blueprint, and more as the war rages on in Verdansk to prepare himself for the continuing battle. Available in Store, players of Modern Warfare including Warzone can get the ‘Ghost Pack Contingency’ bundle now to get a new skin for Ghost reminiscent of his classic look. 

Read on for details on Ghost’s latest threads, new blueprint arsenal, and his role in the ongoing conflict in Verdansk. 

Origins of an Operator

!Warning Campaign Spoilers Ahead!

Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley is a British Special Forces officer and commanding officer in Captain Price’s Task Force 141. Following Barkov’s death and the events that occurred during the siege on Barkov’s chemical factory, there are multiple loose ends that need to be “tied up” according to CIA Station Chief Kate Laswell. Captain Price requests to create a task force, 141, to handle those loose ends which include Hadir and Zakhaev. 

Once Ghost arrives in Verdansk, he discovers a chaotic situation where the Operators of the Armstice are targeting their own and embarks on a mission to find out why. Price sends him additional reinforcements including Alex and Iskra to stop this continually growing threat. 

Ghost has spent the majority of his career serving on numerous short-term deployments, executing covert assignments in classified locations. He is an expert in clandestine tradecraft, focused on sabotage, ambushes and infiltrations into denied areas and hazardous environments. Ghost lives with a redacted past and undercover present, marked by his concealed identity under a hallmark skull figured mask to hide his personal identity and maintain anonymity in the field. 

A Legendary Loadout

The ‘Ghost Pack Contingency’ bundle comes with two weapons – a Legendary Assault Rifle Alpha blueprint and an Epic Handgun Alpha blueprint for a versatile loadout. 

The Legendary Ghostly Premonitions blueprint kits out this weapon for lethality at range. Pick off foes with precision on maps with long sightlines like Hovec Sawmill, Atlas Superstore, and others and see if you can down a foe or two in Warzone. You’ll have reliable control to help manage recoil thanks to the Muzzle Brake and Singuard Arms 16.6” SOC attachments, so you zoom on target with the Scout Combat Optic and stay there.  

The Epic Draugr blueprint is a reliable secondary that packs a lot of mobility into a small package. This blueprint ups not just the agility in your arsenal with attachments for a faster ADS time, but also sprint to fire speed, fire rate, and even a quicker bullet velocity. If your primary runs dry in a firefight, you can swap to this secondary and quickly zero in on target to finish the enemy in quick, successive shots. 

These two weapons come alongside a classic skin for Ghost, a Legendary new Finishing Move that can be equipped for all Operators, an Epic Combat Knife skin, and more. Join the battle in Verdansk with Ghost and pick up the ‘Ghost Pack Contingency’ bundle in Store now for Modern Warfare including Warzone. 


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