The Axis Are Advancing, They Must Be Stopped

Failure is not an option.

The Axis Are Advancing, They Must Be Stopped

Failure is not an option.

It brings us no joy to report that the Axis Army continues their expansion. They operate with mechanical efficiency and their ability to make war seems to know no limits. They are strong and they wish evil upon the world. And our commitment is to fight evil to the very end. That is exactly what we will do. Over the coming days, we’ll release detailed briefings below to learn more about your new arenas of war.

Our ships need access to the Mediterranean shipping channels and the time to plant the flag on Italian soil has come. Ever flown a plane before? No? Well, you’ll either learn quick or die trying. Don’t worry, there’s intel to be gathered before you get that far.


Our greatest fears – confirmed by SOE agents – have become reality: the Germans have begun construction on a military rocket capable of carrying bombs across oceans. Should this technology become operational, the Germans could expand their power to unconscionable heights. This facility is heavily guarded. Do whatever it takes, including using their own weapon against them.


The Germans thrive on mythologizing their reign of terror. This means stealing antiquities from conquered lands. For those who endeavor to stop the Axis march through north Africa, the Desert Rats of the 11th Armoured Division are in need of recruits. Will you join them?


Our boys are stranded on a godforsaken bit of beach just the other side of the Channel. It’s up to you and the rest of the British Commandos to get across the channel and bring our boys back. The Germans think they can break us. Let’s show them England will never be broken.


Now get out there and send the invaders back to the Rhineland!

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