Step Up Your Social Score

Do nice things, get nice things. It’s the Social Score credo.

Step Up Your Social Score

Do nice things, get nice things. It’s the Social Score credo.

You’ve seen it pop up from time to time. It’s that five-sided badge with the outline of three people over two upward-pointing, yellow arrows. It means you’ve earned Social Score, an in-game currency that rewards you for, generally, being a good citizen of the Call of Duty: WWII community.

You probably have some questions. Why do I want Social Score? What does being a good citizen of the community even mean? What if I’m not into online, social networks?

Perfectly fair. We don’t particularly care about what our friends from high school are up to either. But, strictly speaking, Social Score is about interacting with the community and getting rewarded for it. It’s a way to ensure you make the most of your Call of Duty: WWII experience. It’s pretty simple once you understand it. Read on and you surely will.


Why do I want Social Score?

The satisfaction of being a good person isn’t enough, huh? Well, fine because the real reason everybody wants Social Score is simple: rewards. Ranking up your Social Score grants you a gift you each time you achieve a new rank. The higher the rank you reach, the better the prize. When we say rewards, we mean all kinds of goodies. Obviously, you’ll get Armory Credits, Supply Drops and Rare Supply Drops. But, you’ll also get specific Weapon Variants, Emotes and Calling Cards that are only available through ranking up your Social Score. You can’t unlock them any other way.

Here are some highlights:

Social Rank 5 – Epic ‘Wilco’ SMG Variant

Social Rank 10 – Epic ‘Landship’ LMG Variant

Social Rank 14 – 10,000 Armory Credits

Social Rank 15 – Epic ‘Nightmare’ Sniper Variant

Social Rank 17 – 15,000 Armory Credits

Social Rank 19 – Epic ‘Fly Boy’ Rifle Variant

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, it is. And your path to ranking up your Social Score lies in doing things you probably already do or have been working towards. So, let’s answer your next question.


How do I rank up?

As we previously mentioned, the general idea behind this is ‘being a good citizen of the community.’ We all have different ideas of what a good citizen looks like. Some of us think it’s making a YouTube video of yourself screaming a list of logical fallacies at somebody for the mortal sin of being wrong online. The world’s a rich tapestry. To each their own. We all have our opinions. But, here are the agreed upon ways to contribute to the community and rank up your Social Score:


It’s a digital pat on the back, a ‘nice goin’, pal’ for your online brethren. You need to get commended in order to get Social Score. People are free to commend, or not either in a pre-game lobby or in HQ. It’s as easy to do as walking up to a fellow player, tapping the action button and scrolling down to ‘Commend’ – or, if you’re in a pre-game lobby, just select a player and tap the action button.  You’ll may have noticed people going around HQ and commending everybody they see, which is a great way to get yourself commended in return. It’s the easiest way to get a quick Social Score boost.


More often than not Major Howard will have at least one Order that rewards you with Social Score. Sometimes, it’s as simple as using the Scorestreak Range. Sometimes, it’s as simple as watching content in the Theater. Either way, pick up that Order for a nice boost in your Social rank.


You can Prestige your Weapons, your Divisions, and your Soldier. Doing any of these earns you a nice bump in Social Score. It’s not like you needed another reason to Prestige these things, but here’s one anyway.

HQ Activities

HQ provides a social space for you to interact with other players. Doing so rewards you with Social Score, and not just by getting commended. Any time you open a Supply Drop with other people around you, you’ll get Social Score. Why not get a little boost along with your new gear? You also get Social Score any time you compete in a 1v1 pit match or a shootout challenge. Challenge yourself and challenge strangers. It’s always worth it.

So, that’s what Social Score is all about. Simply participate in social aspects of Call of Duty: WWII and you’ll be on your way to unlocking those sweet, unique rewards. How you choose to go about earning it is entirely up to you. But, now you know just how many options you have available. Be a good citizen and get yourself some Social Score.

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