Resistance Recon: Occupation

The Resistance DLC Pack is live and you know what that means: new maps.

Resistance Recon: Occupation

The Resistance DLC Pack is live and you know what that means: new maps.

As we’ve done the past few weeks, we’ll continue our guided tour through each of The Resistance-themed maps. While these guides sprinkle in some history for context, you’ll also get some insights to springboard you to MP dominance. This week, we say bonjour, bella ville to our third Multiplayer map: Occupation.


1944, August: after four years of subjugation at the hands of the German military, Parisians finally tasted freedom. 50 months of harsh Nazi rule – buttressed by the cooperation of the Vichy French government in the southern part of the country – mercifully came to an end. Watching their own government give in to the demands of foreign invaders crushed the people’s spirits and left them with precious little hope. Fortunately, over time, the French Resistance put those faint feelings of hope into action.

 It began with small student protest in 1940 on the anniversary of the end of World War I. It grew in strength and size with the public commemoration of Bastille Day in defiance of Nazi laws against French cultural celebrations. And it culminated in the Paris Uprising in which they confronted their occupiers and fought them in the streets. Most of the occupying Germans had already left the city at that point due to Allied advances.  Therefore, within days of the uprising, the Allied Forces pushed into the city and marched down Champs-Élysées in victory. The streets of Paris were again free and safe. The Parisian streets of Occupation, however, will prove anything but.


 DLC 1’s Occupation is a brilliant reimagining of a classic Modern Warfare 3 map. It provides players with a varied, urban environment packed with multiple long sightlines and several instances and degrees of verticality. Beginning at the highest elevation on the map – the ‘A’ point in Domination –  you have a clear view down a steep set of stairs facing to the north, down a street facing to the east and the Eiffel Tower on the horizon. This may make it sound like this is an amazing spot for sniping. However, both lanes are littered with cars, boxes and other obstructions that make life tricky. On top of that, the alley at the very southern edge of the map gives sneaky Resistance Division members a path to creep up and knife you from behind.


At the bottom of the long, steep stairs, you’ll find another street that cuts through the center of the map. If you turn down that street, you’ll immediately see a set of stairs to your left leading up to the Patio that overlooks the ‘C’ point in Domination. The ‘C’ area has three separate lanes leading to it and multiple elevated spaces from which to pick off enemy attackers. A Rifle or an SMG with range, like a Type 100, should handle all comers before they get anywhere near the objective. The area also contains several crate stacks and barrels that make for excellent cover. If you want any hope of taking this easily defendable point, packing Smoke Grenades is a must. Throw in a leveled-up Resistance Division with the mini-map directional indicator and enemy mini-map scrambling and you’ll cut through defenses without breaking a sweat.


Traveling east from ‘C’, you’ll pass the Planters section and head up a few stairs to the Street Overlook. This spot provides a clear view of a wide pathway connecting the two, main east-west streets of the map. It also happens to be the ‘B’ objective in Domination. This area tends to see a heavy dose of action in most modes but, particularly in objective modes like Domination. Sniping from this overlook and counter-sniping from the window of the Butcher Shop at the opposite end of the alley are obvious choices. Just don’t forget about the stairs right behind the front window of the shop. They lead above ground to the path above the Top Garages and Courtyard leading back to ‘A’. Sure, you can post up in the shop window. Just don’t think you’re immune from getting flanked and backstabbed.


While there are plenty of open pathways on this map, you also get a couple buildings to navigate. Shotguns and S-Mines can be a devastating choice if you stick to the buildings and the Butcher Shop. The Apartments is a centrally located, two-level structure between the two main streets: Mid Street and High Street. Chasing a Pistol or Tactical Knife Order? Familiarize yourself with the Apartments and the adjacent Fountain area: they’re heavily trafficked. This building, along with several other nooks – a parking garage, a subway entrance beneath the stairs, a deep doorway underneath the Patio – provide places to engage enemies up-close. Have a little patience and use the terrain to your advantage.


Occupation stands out because of its balance: long sightlines with plenty of cover along with nooks and buildings for close encounters of the stabbing kind. You can snipe. You can wield a knife. You can roll with your favorite SMG. There’s no such thing as a bad loadout on Occupation.


One of the world’s most beautiful cities saw real terror while the Germans reigned over it. That beauty reemerged and blossomed again because of The French Resistance. That’s it for the Multiplayer maps of DLC 1. However, there’s much more to The Resistance: DLC 1 Map Pack than MP maps. Next week we’ll take a look at the newest War Mode mission ‘Operation Intercept’. Until then, find your way to Occupation and take the fight to the enemy.



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