Dire Straits In Dunkirk

Trapped between the devil and the sea. Welcome to Dunkirk, lads.

Dire Straits In Dunkirk

Trapped between the devil and the sea. Welcome to Dunkirk, lads.


No sense in sugar-coating it: things are as bad as they get in Dunkirk. As you read this, the German army approaches from all sides – from Gand in the east, Calais to our west and from Lille to our south. Pinned against the English Channel and the War Machine of the Axis military, our only option is to hold our own until every last soldier safely escapes across the water back to Dover. We fight in Dunkirk for the survival of the Allied army. Defeat is not an option.


Our mission is to buy enough time to evacuate over 300,000 stranded Allied troops. We will hold off the Germans and prevent them from getting to our evacuation areas on the beach. As we defend the town, you’d be wise to utilize every possible vantage point.



Buildings, obviously never meant for combat, provide an inconspicuous place to operate a long-range Rifle. Second floor windows provide clear views of the streets below, the beach and buildings on the opposite side of the street. Make use of these perches and provide overwatch for your fellow soldiers.


Despite an abundance of wide-open spaces throughout the town and beach, you may find yourself encountering the enemy up close. Narrow corridors within and around buildings along with enclosed courtyards can force you into face-to-face engagements with the enemy. Be wary of these areas, stick to your objective and have a look at this video for more detailed intelligence.


Evacuation plans call for funneling our soldiers through the beach and onto the precious few available ships. Once you fall back from the buildings and town area, you’ll find significantly less cover as you head towards the seashore. Save for an idle beached fishing vessel in the middle, soldiers standing idly on the sand will likely find themselves dodging enemy fire. When battling on the beach, it’s wise to mind your flank and keep an eye on enemy movements before engaging.


The enemy recently dropped leaflets indicating the dire nature of our current situation. Detailing exactly how pinned against the water we are, they imagine us to be the sort of lot that seeks the easy route when confronted with adversity. Fortunately for the Queen and for England, quite the opposite is true. Odds are long, but we have a plan to safely get our men to safety and we will execute that plan.


Simply put: we must protect Dunkirk and, in doing so, what remains of our army. Success means survival. Failure means annihilation. We’re counting on you. Now, stand tall and fight. For England.



Dunkirk is one of the fantastic, new Multiplayer maps included in The War Machine: DLC Pack 2. Head to the in-game store to join the fight!



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