Better Options For Your Playstyle: A Guide To The Revamped Division Skills

After tinkering with Division Skills, here’s how everything shook out

Better Options For Your Playstyle: A Guide To The Revamped Division Skills

After tinkering with Division Skills, here’s how everything shook out

As you’ve probably already heard, Sledgehammer Games re-worked some fundamental aspects of gameplay and the Division Skill system. Based on enormous amounts of in-game data and equally large amounts of feedback from the community, these tweaks are geared towards adding more options for player loadouts and enhancing the overall Multiplayer experience. These changes will create a trickle-down effect on all other aspects of Multiplayer. There’s a lot to get to, so let’s get into it.

Overall Tweaks
Four big things now apply to all players, regardless of loadout. First, everybody gets three Attachments to their Primary Weapon. Doesn’t matter what Division or Weapon you choose, you get three Attachments. Second, everybody gets one Lethal and one Tactical. Third, you can now carry a Launcher as a Secondary without using a Basic Training to do so. Finally, every player now has unlimited sprint. Again, independent of any other part of your loadout, you can sprint to your heart’s content. The speed at which you sprint, however, does depend on other factors. Other factors like…

New Division Skills
Looking for a more detailed breakdown of each Division and its new skills? We’ve got you covered. Click on a Division name for a deep dive into the updates to each Division.


Level I. Additional Primary Attachment
Level II. Second Pistol Attachment & swap weapons faster
Level III. While aiming down sights, have less idle sway
Level IV. Move faster while aiming

Level I. Fire guns while sprinting & diving
Level II. Reload while sprinting
Level III. Climb over obstacles faster & no damage from falling
Level IV. Sprint faster over time

Level I. Take significantly less explosive & fire damage
Level II. Immune to Shell Shock and Tactical Equipment
Level III. Increased bullet penetration through surfaces
Level IV. Greatly reduced flinch when shot

Level I. Invisible to enemy Recon Aircraft & controlled streaks
Level II. Killed enemy death locations hidden
Level III. No name or reticle change when enemies aim at you
Level IV. Silent movement

Level I. Double Lethal + Tactical & enhanced equipment use
Level II. Munitions replenish from killed enemies & over time
Level III. Improved Tacticals & easier to destroy War buildables (walls, hedgehogs, MG nests, etc)
Level IV. Equipment damage paints enemies on mini-map

Level I. Mini-map indicator & scrambler of close hostiles
Level II. Enemy movements are easier to hear
Level III. Kills & assists grant Intel Ping of nearby enemies
Level IV. Easier to spot targets & increased mini-map coverage

Because of the reshuffling of Division Skills, those changes have a ripple effect on other parts of your loadout, like Basic Trainings and Weapons. Here’s what those look like:

New, Altered & Removed Basic Trainings


Clandestine:Slain enemies drop Intel Packs that reveal nearby hostiles. Bonus: Intel ping at the start of each life.

Blitzkrieg:Streaks are earned by Kills (instead of Score). Bonus: Streaks are improved & select a 4thStreak.


The following Basic Trainings have been tweaked to provide more options. Here are the new attributes of existing Basic Trainings:

Launched:Additional Launcher ammunition and resupply Launchers from enemies killed without explosives.

Concussed:Take two pieces of Lethal & Tactical Equipment.

Forage:Resupply bullets from killed enemies & over time. Bonus: extra magazines.

Energetic:Increases sprint speed.

Instincts:Warning when targeted off-screen, and detect enemy explosive equipment. Bonus: immune to Shell Shock & Tactical Equipment

Ordnance:Cheaper Scorestreaks, and killed enemies drop Streak packs that fill your meter.


Because every loadout comes with a third Primary Attachment and both a Lethal and Tactical, the Primed and Bang Basic Trainings are no longer in the game. If you used Prestige tokens on these, they will be refunded.
New Weapon Attributes & Attachments

Rifles: Each Rifle has the Bayonet as an equippable Attachment. There’s also the brand-new Rifle Grenade Attachment. It’s exactly what it sounds like. These are all independent of your Division choice.

SMGs: Each SMG now has a Silencer as an equippable Attachment no matter what Division you choose.

LMGs: All LMGs now come with a standard Bipod independent of Division choice. No additional Attachment needed.

Sniper Rifles: All Sniper Rifles come with Sharpshooter Focus, regardless of your Division.

Shotguns: All Shotguns have the option of Incendiary Shells as an Attachment, regardless of your Division.

Pistols: All Pistols have the option of a Tactical Knife and a Suppressor as Attachments, regardless of your Division.

Launchers: Launchers can now be equipped as a Secondary Weapon, regardless of your Basic Training choice.

There are quite a few subtle changes and tweaks that will likely alter the way you choose to play the game. So, tinker with the things you like and test out some of the new Division Abilities, Basic Trainings and Weapon Attachments to find out what works best for you. The loadouts may look a bit different, but it’s the same Call of Duty®: WWII experience we all love, but better. Get in there and have some fun!


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