TOP SECRET: V2 Facility Intel

For Your Eyes Only

TOP SECRET: V2 Facility Intel

For Your Eyes Only


TO: Allied Command

SUBJECT: Weapon near completion. Urgent Action Needed.

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Every scrap of intelligence we've gathered tells the same story: we're running out of time to break the enemy will. The ambition of the Axis forces is laid plain in this briefing. In a top-secret facility in their northern shores, the Germans are attempting to build the most powerful rocket in the history of mankind. And it's up to you to stop them. 

In this file, you'll find detailed schematics of this technological terror, along with photographs of the facility tasked with its final assembly. The work being done in this complex in Peenemunde has been going on for some time and is dangerously close to completion, as evidenced by the material in this brief. (cont'd...)

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Your mission is to infiltrate this base and destroy as much of the prototype as possible. This base is heavily guarded, so expect heavy resistance and fighting. If you find yourself in a pinch, keep in mind that the rocket suspended in the central structure can be ignited with the push of a button. 

We've recovered as much recon as possible at the cost of the lives of many good spies. Use this intel to piece together your path to the top of the rocket. Once there, you'll find the ignition button. And when you press it, anybody beneath you will wish they weren't It's not an ideal option as you're exposed from all angles atop the rocket, but it's better than letting this weapon of mass destruction fall into the wrong hands.  

Your mission - infiltrate the facility, destroy the rocket and any Axis resistance you encounter. This weapon could seal the fate of the free world. Your success in this mission isn't just crucial - it's mandatory. 

Good luck.



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