Tactical Madness: Smoke ‘em & Gas ‘em

Good smoke. Gas up.

Tactical Madness: Smoke ‘em & Gas ‘em

Good smoke. Gas up.

Your loadouts just got a hell of a lot more options. Weapon attachments, new Basic Trainings, enhanced Division abilities – it’s a cornucopia of choices when it comes to how you want to enter the fray of battle.

One of those new choices comes from a recent change in which all players get a Lethal and a Tactical with every loadout. Back in the days of one piece of Equipment, most people opted for the grenades that could kill enemies. Hard to blame them. Why try to outmaneuver enemies when you can just blow ‘em up?

Fortunately, you no longer have to make that choice. Get you a loadout that can do both. With this new Equipment slot, it’s important to appreciate the benefits of the two cloudiest Tacticals in the game: Smoke and Gas.

Smoke: Cloudy With A Chance Of Haters

Smoke Grenades make your Multiplayer life much easier. They create a blinding cloud in the view of enemies. You may emerge huffing, puffing and meleeing. You may wait for them to run into the haze looking for you.  Either way, you’re forcing your opponent to make a decision. And if you’re making an enemy stop and think during a fight, you’ve already won. You’ve needed Smoke all along, you just didn’t know it.

Situationally, smoking-out an area is a great method of either clearing an area or protecting yours from enemy overwatch. If an enemy keeps occupying a confined area, a Smoke Grenade clouds up their mini-map and vision. This gives you free reign to sneak up and melee them without fear of retribution. Or, if you’re simply trying to cover your escape or capture of ‘B’, you’ll have a temporary smoke shield to do what needs done. Pro tip: Level III Expeditionary lengthens the duration of that smoke cloud.

Gas: Make It Swampy

If your goal is to clear an area, it’s time you introduced the grenade full of green haze to your loadout. These toxic tossables blur enemy vision, impair their movement and inflict minor damage. If you’re concerned about an enemy taking a point in Domination, or following a few moments behind you in War, cut loose a Gas Grenade and stall or halt their progress. Speaking of War, if you want to halt a tank, there are few better deterrents to escorting foes than that icky, green toxic cloud.

With Tacticals, a fundamental component of all loadouts, it’s high time you incorporated them into your Multiplayer life. So, gear up and make it extra smoky.

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