The Prestige Primer Episode 27: How to Complete Season Three’s Final 10 Multiplayer Season Challenges

From “Reduce Reuse Recycle” to “Vehicular Warfare,” here’s how to conquer these Multiplayer challenges. Also: a breakdown of the upcoming “Cell Division Reactive” Bundle.

  • Prestige Primer

The Prestige Primer Episode 27: How to Complete Season Three’s Final 10 Multiplayer Season Challenges

From “Reduce Reuse Recycle” to “Vehicular Warfare,” here’s how to conquer these Multiplayer challenges. Also: a breakdown of the upcoming “Cell Division Reactive” Bundle.

  • Prestige Primer

Season Three is wrapping up its epic chapter soon with the 80’s Action Heroes event riding off into the sunset with it.

Before that happens, you’ll need to hit Prestige Master, which shouldn’t be a problem if you follow our top tips for challenge completion and take a peek at the Weapon Blueprint of the Week that has a strong foothold in the SMG meta to date. All the while, you’ll be looking good while doing it with a Zeyna skin that dropped this past weekend, or with either of two Call of Duty League Operator outfits that featured Stage III’s Home Series hosts thus far.

And to top it all off, there is Double Weapon XP for the upcoming weekend, making it a great time to bring all those new challenge weapons and Battle Pass armaments to their maximum level.

With all that said, let’s level up:

This Week’s Featured Operators

First, let’s talk Call of Duty League. The Prestige Primer took a hiatus on baseline coverage to make way for two very special 80’s Action Heroes guests, so if you missed out on what happened since mid-May, here’s a quick refresher:

After losing to the New York Subliners in the Winners Finals, Atlanta FaZe bounced back from the Losers’ Bracket to win the Stage III Grand Final 5-2 over New York. Atlanta also took home bragging rights at All-Star Weekend, as Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris won the T-Mobile All-Star Pro Skills Tournament and was a member of the winning Caster Draft 4v4 squad handpicked by galaxy brain-level commentator Thomas “Chance” Ashworth.

That set the stage for Stage IV, which began with the OpTic Chicago Home Series. Although the perennial fan-favorites swept the Røkkr, they were no match for the phenomenal Atlanta FaZe, who swept them to extend their lead in the CDL Points Standings to a staggering 110 over the Subliners.

This weekend is the Florida Mutineers Home Series, where the hosts will square off against the Subliners today and the Los Angeles Guerillas on Saturday. Other matches include a Los Angeles Thieves and Atlanta FaZe duel, as well as a top-table fight between the Dallas Empire and New York Subliners.

Don’t forget to tune into the Home Series Thurs-Sun starting at 12 PM PT here, and be sure to visit the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Store today to pick up your Call of Duty League Team Supporter Pack so you can rep your favorite squad in-game.

Also featured this week is Zeyna in her “Backflip” skin from the “Cold Blooded” Operator Bundle. Released this past weekend, the eight-item bundle includes this Legendary Operator Skin, two Legendary Blueprint Weapons and among its other ice cold content, a badass Snow Leopard Finishing Move.

Those at Tier 90 of the Battle Pass might especially want to pick this skin up, as you can rock it while completing Zeyna’s “DGSE Agent” Operator Mission to earn even more skins, a Calling Card, a Sticker, and 9,000 total bonus XP!

Top Tip – Final 10 Season Three Multiplayer Season Challenges

We don’t want to keep you from Double Weapon XP – here’s the lowdown on the final 10 Seasonal Challenges in Multiplayer, unlocked as you level up to Prestige Master during Season Three.

Remember, completing all 20 Multiplayer Seasonal Challenges for season, regardless of when you do it, rewards you with a ton of XP and a badass Calling Card, so be sure to knock out these objectives (and the first ten, which we detailed here) on your journey to Prestige Master!

Reduce Reuse Recycle (Level 100) — Using the Spycraft or Spotter Perk, intercept 25 enemy projectiles with a hacked Trophy System. — 2,500 XP

This challenge could be easier in Multi-Team or Battle Royale modes, where Trophy Systems on vehicles are considered meta and are frequently found across the world. Scope out these machines, especially Cargo Trucks, and look for a Trophy System on the hood so you can make it your own and speed away (hopefully) unscathed.

In Black Ops Cold War, it may be wise to have the Engineer Perk in your loadout as well, since it highlights enemy Trophy Systems and other equipment with a bright red light.

Remote Assistance (Level 110) — Call in 5 Scorestreaks or Killstreaks in a match 25 times. — 8,500 XP (Three Tiers)

Song’s Operator Mission, unlocked at Tier 40 of the Battle Pass, overlaps with this challenge through its second objective.

For this Seasonal Challenge, low cost and low cooldown Scorestreaks are essential in Black Ops Cold War, as you can fire out Air Patrols with zero cooldown (so long as the enemy keeps throwing up Scorestreaks) or Spy Planes and Armor multiple times if you get enough score over time.

Alternatively, you could hop into Warzone and throw out any combination of five UAVs, Cluster Strikes, and Precision Airstrikes. This will cost you a minimum of $15,000 of in-game Cash to pull this off, so do your best to complete Contracts to afford these powerful items. Who knows? The Contracts themselves may reward you with a Killstreak for free!

Picked Off (Level 120) — Get 50 Longshot Headshot kills using Sniper Rifles. — 8,500 XP (Three Tiers)

This can be easy in Warzone, as there are plenty of opportunities to hit 100+ meter snipes.

Alternatively, look to bigger maps in Black Ops Cold War’s Multiplayer, such as the one introduced in Season Three Reloaded: Duga.

For either game, be sure to adjust your aim to account for bullet velocity. You may need to lead your shot above and ahead of a moving target in order for your high caliber bullet to hit its mark.

Hot Air (Level 130) — Get 300 kills while aiming down sights using a weapon with an attached thermal scope. — 8,500 XP (Three Tiers)

Thermal scopes are usually the last unlockable attachment for most Black Ops Cold War Primary Weapons.

Take your favorite Max Level Weapon – preferably a Tactical Rifle, to make a dent in an earlier Seasonal Challenge – and consider using Smoke Grenades in a loadout with it; they will obstruct your enemy’s view while your thermal optic cuts through it like a knife through butter.

One thing to watch out for, though, are enemies who are using the Cold Blooded Perk. They won’t be highlighted on your thermal optic, so be on the lookout for humanoid figures who show up cold, lest they go under the radar to bring you down.

Second Fiddle (Level 140) — Get 300 Eliminations with a Primary Weapon in your Secondary Slot. — 8,500 XP (Three Tiers)

The Law Breaker Wildcard in Black Ops Cold War and Overkill Perk in Warzone are what you need to defeat this challenge.

As counter intuitive as it sounds, put your preferred weapon in the Secondary Slot and switch to it immediately after getting your loadout or spawning in. That way, you will be ready to fight with your best weapon forward while making progress.

Silent Assassin (Level 150) — Using Ninja or Dead Silence, kill an enemy at close range without taking damage 50 times. — 8,500 XP (Three Tiers)

In Warzone, Dead Silence can be found around Verdansk or Rebirth Island in Battle Royale, or can be brought into a loadout in Plunder.

Whether it’s a 150-Operator game or an eight-Operator Free-for-All, using CQB weapons that eliminate enemies in one shot (a shotgun) or with a rapid succession of bullets (a fast firing SMG or dual pistols) could be extremely helpful in completing engagements without taking damage.

Vehicular Warfare (Level 160) — Use a vehicle or player-controlled Scorestreak to destroy an enemy vehicle 25 times. — 8,500 XP (Three Tiers)

Multi-Team and Combined Arms modes are great game mode choices for this challenge; just take to the skies with your Hind or roll on with a powerful ground vehicle to seek and destroy some dangerous enemy technology.

Like the “Reduce Reuse Recycle” Challenge, the Engineer Perk will also work wonders here as you search for enemy vehicles.

Another option is to use the Cruise Missile, which highlights enemy vehicles with a red triangle as you take it from air to ground, allowing you to target them and destroy them with a devastating blow.

Beamed (Level 170) — Get 300 Eliminations using a weapon with a laser body attachment. — 8,500 XP (Three Tiers)

Slap on your favorite laser attachment to your Black Ops Cold War SMG, dual pistols, or shotgun and get ready to be up close and personal with the enemy.

This may be a good idea to tackle in tandem with the “Silent Assassin” Challenge, since you’ll already be in close quarters for silent kills anyways.

Bring in the Big Guns (Level 180) — Get 100 kills with Scorestreak Weapons or while using Stopping Power rounds — 8,500 XP (Three Tiers)

Stopping Power Rounds can be found in small quantities within Warzone Battle Royale, or brought into battle by default in Plunder.

As for Scorestreak Weapons, these are the Combat Bow, Death Machine, and War Machine in Black Ops Cold War.

In either game, the tip we have is clear: Don’t miss. So long as your aim is true with these weapons, whether it’s aiming around the enemy with an explosive streak or at them with a weapon fully loaded with Stopping Power Rounds, you should have the upper hand in battle with these powerful tools. That’s why they are called the Big Guns!

Merciless (Level 190) — Get 10 kills without dying. — 5,000 XP

Squadmates, intel, and a loadout built for longevity are all keys to becoming Merciless.

Communicate often with squadmates to weed out enemy positions, using Scorestreaks and Killstreaks like the UAV to get further recon of where they are at. You’ll also need to ensure that your munitions are all stocked up, so consider taking the Scavenger Perk to make ammo pickups possible over any eliminated enemy body.

Lastly, patience is key. Although Call of Duty is built on fast-paced play, taking a moment to recover health and put armor plates in (if you have them) could be a difference between winning that next engagement for a 10 kill streak or being sent to the Gulag or Killcam Screen.

Gunsmith Weapon Blueprint of the Week

The “Cell Division Reactive” Bundle is arriving in the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Store later this weekend, bringing with it a new Ultra-Rarity SMG Blueprint known as the “Cross Multiply.”

Based on the fastest-firing SMG in Black Ops Cold War, the “Cross Multiply” allows you to divide up the competition with a fantastic five attachment spread, including a extended speed mag for quick reloads with more ammo in reserves, as well as the Field Agent Grip for more accurate fire.

As is, this weapon is fairly versatile in Multiplayer for the average run-and-gun player, and can hold its own in Zombies, especially after slapping on more attachments through the Tier III SMG Skill. For Warzone, however, we took a trip to the Gunsmith, added on attachments from the “Gallantry” and “Telephoto” Weapon Blueprints (the drum mag and the suppressor, respectively), and built this squad wiping machine:

Here’s a quick overview of attachment recommendations for this weapon in Warzone:

Optic: A “nice to have” attachment, as the weapon’s iron sights are not too troublesome.

Muzzle: After a few patches, the Muzzle category broke wide open, making other options outside of the Agency Suppressor. Here, we suggest a regular Sound Suppressor, as it quickens Aim Down Sight (ADS) Speed, Sprint to Fire Speed, and Bullet Velocity while also silencing your weapon. All of these traits are perfect for a run-and-gun SMG build.

Barrels: The Task Force Barrel’s extra damage could help rip through that additional armor plate on enemy players faster than any other barrel. If the recoil is too strong, then consider using a barrel that just increases Bullet Velocity; that way, your shots will hit their target sooner.

Body: Like to spray and pray? Take a Laser. The Ember Sighting Point adds some Damage Range in addition to Hip Fire Accuracy, making it a great 2-in-1 attachment.

Underbarrel: The “Cross Multiply” Field Agent Grip stays on here, as its ability to reign in both Vertical and Horizontal Recoil is incredible on this fast-firing weapon. A speed-oriented grip could also work, if you wish to be a more mobile Operator.

Magazine: With an rate of fire in the quadruple digits, you can imagine how quickly this weapon eats through magazine. Therefore, take the first extended magazine attachment available to you at minimum, and the STANAG 53 Rnd Drum magazine – or its speed magazine equivalent- for Trio or Quad game modes.

Handle: Flinch resistance may not be as necessary on a CQB weapon like this, but this attachment category is still one to consider for its bevy of grips that reduce ADS time, since it allows you to lay down more accurate fire quicker.

Stock: Want to really run-and-gun? Take No Stock or Raider Stock to reduce Sprint to Fire time, which lets you fire the weapon quicker after advancing towards your engagement.

No matter what attachment configuration you use, pair this weapon up with a sniper rifle or assault rifle for an incredible CQB and long distance combo.

Now execute the mission.

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