Butcher’s Blitzkrieg Collections

A new event requires new weapons.

Butcher’s Blitzkrieg Collections

A new event requires new weapons.

Where he spends his time between ops is a mystery. He’ll show up with new gear for a few weeks, and then he’s off to his next calling. Some say he lives with the penguins in Antarctica. Some say he teaches orphans how to fish. Others say he hibernates like a bear. With Butcher, we honestly can’t really rule anything out.

Either way, the good Captain’s back for Blitzkrieg and, if you like new weapons, then get ready to like the crap out of what he’s got for you this time: five new ranged weapons and one melee. Each of these weapons brings its own unique qualities to the arena of combat. Today, we’re focusing on three variants – all of which are Collection Rewards – to give you a taste of the weapons Captain Butcher brought back to HQ from his travels. Either way, they’re new, they’re great and, for a few Armory Credits, they can be yours.

Epic - ‘Lightning Strike’ ITRA Burst Rifle

Meet the first 4-round burst Rifle to appear in Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer: the ITRA Burst. If you like to accurately get rounds down range in a hurry, we humbly present the very Rifle you’ve been waiting for. Boasting accuracy and a solid damage rate, the Lightning Strike variant of the ITRA comes with waves of dark green and cream camo from the stock down the barrel. It’ll paint enemies from a distance in any game mode, but this gun particularly stands out in Hardcore modes. You’ll be sure to land a series of blows in one pull of the trigger from an impressive distance. Throw on a 4X Scope in Gustav Cannon or Anthropoid in Hardcore Domination and you’ll be Zeus deciding when and where the lightning strikes.

Epic – ‘Blitz-Breaker’ Sterling SMG

Bust up the War Machine with the powerful, steady-firing Sterling. A welcome addition to its weapon class, the Sterling trades fire-rate for damage while still remaining competitive with other SMGs in close encounters. The British-made weapon was designed with accuracy in mind and, with the Blitz-Breaker, you’ll have no trouble picking and dropping your targets. This Epic Variant comes with white and blue stripes encircling both the barrel and stock, in addition to 10% bonus XP per kill. It’s a durable SMG that should suit for most gun fights you’ll encounter.

Epic – ‘Homerun’ Baseball Bat Melee

Time to step up to the plate and take a swing… at that enemy who seems to think standing perfectly still in a barn means you can’t see them. The newest melee weapon – the Baseball Bat – comes in a number of wooden variants. However, the Homerun is a makeshift affair that combines a taped handle with an artillery shell for a barrel. Four rusted spikes encircle the sweet-spot of the bat for an additional intimidation factor that, if we’re being honest, probably isn’t even necessary. Enemies mostly see an old artillery shell swinging towards their face, the nuances of what happens next are mostly insignificant. One melee and that’s it for them.

These are just three of the six new weapons Captain Butcher hauled into HQ for Operation: Blitzkrieg. They appeal to just about any player and, again, they’re all available at the Quartermaster as Collection Rewards. They’re only available to unlock until May 8th at 10 AM PT. So, stop by and see the Captain to check out the newest weaponry in the game. Though he’d never admit it, Captain Butcher appreciates the company.

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