Carentan Map Guide

Time to get your slasher on.

Carentan Map Guide

Time to get your slasher on.

Map It Out For Me: Carentan


This week’s edition of Map it Out For Me takes us to the rainy, bombed-out French town of Carentan. If this map feels familiar, that’s because it’s inspired by one of the original maps from the very first Call of Duty. But in Call of Duty: WWII, Carentan is looking better than ever and plays just as fast as you remember. So, avoid those two dead horses behind the Restaurant, side-step those scurrying rats and join us as we take a jaunt through this quaint little burg.


Cover, Corners & Nooks

As you navigate the map, one thing becomes abundantly clear: you’re not lacking for cover. No matter where you are, you’re never far from a sandbag pile, turned-over couch, rock wall or flaming vehicle to duck behind. Good thing because the multi-level sightlines of this map demand a nigh-superhuman level of awareness. With stairwells, elevated windows and tight corners, this map plays different than any other. Take your time to get to know the varied sightlines and don’t get frustrated if you seem to be dying more often than usual. Most positions on this map leave you exposed from multiple sides and elevations. Even if you pride yourself on keeping your head on a swivel, you’re bound to get ambushed around a corner or from above or behind. Might not be the worst idea for you to stick to the edges while you’re getting your feet under you. Be especially careful around the Tavern, aka the Sniper’s Birdnest. With two second-floor windows overlooking the Cratered Street and a third looking out on Main with views to the Farmhouse, it’s a sharpshooter’s paradise and a run-and-gunner’s worst nightmare.


2nd Story Adventures

In the center of the map, you’ll find a block of inter-connected buildings, all with 2nd floors that allow you to navigate the middle of the map with a bird’s eye view. As you pass from building to building, each room provides multiple windows from which to survey the streets below. From the MG 42 nest in the 2nd floor window of the Apartment, you even have the chance to run across the roof and see both ends of the map from one spot. Pro tip: don’t make a habit of sitting still up there. Why? Well there are a lot of…


Machine Gun Nests

 Three of them, to be exact. The first one can be found on a sandbag pile nestled atop the ‘Hill’ facing the center of town. You can cover plenty of open areas from here, but you’re also exposed from quite literally all sides. Not only that, but you’re also firing a noisy machine gun which isn’t exactly subtle. So, don’t be shy about checking behind you: those ranked-up Mountain boys can be sneaky.

From there, cast your gaze up to the 2nd floor of the Apartment, to the left of the ladder leading to the roof – you’ll see the MG 42 we eluded to earlier.  This nest also covers the center of town, but from a different vantage and has views into the central courtyard and the Headquarters. If you find yourself in a Domination match, this pillbox gives a great view of one of the approaches to the B flag. Once captured, you can shut down one of only three paths to the flag, so consider setting up a defensive position here to protect B.


The last MG 42 sits on Main Street, just outside the Tavern facing down two ends of the street. Use this nest sparingly as you’re exposed on three sides, not to mention vulnerable to sniper fire from the second floor of the Tavern.

If you’re up for a challenge, try going a whole match on Carentan with only a shovel and throwing knives equipped. This map is practically made for stalking with all its alcoves. Dash from cover to cover and lay in wait while your unsuspecting enemies breeze past you looking for firefights. When they do, time to get your slasher on.



So, that’s Carentan. It’s fast, it’s fun as hell and it’s free for Season Pass* owners. Got Season Pass? Go jump in a Carentan match. Don’t have Season Pass? Get it now and you’ll have this amazing classic available immediately, plus 4 future DLC Packs coming down the pike. Keep checking back with the Call of Duty Newsletter for future editions of "Map It Out For Me."  



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