4 Reasons To Experience Expeditionary

They’re the equipment-savvy soldiers get things done.

4 Reasons To Experience Expeditionary

They’re the equipment-savvy soldiers get things done.

Thanks to the recent updates to the Division system (check out the update overview here), you can easily identify the central aim of each Division. Infantry focuses on weapons, Airborne is all about movement and, today, we narrow our focus on the equipment artists of the Expeditionary Division.

These soldiers wield weapons just like everybody else. However, when it comes to utilizing every aspect of Lethal and Tactical equipment, they’re second-to-none. And the Division skills you acquire as you rank up demonstrate why:

Level I. Double Lethal + Tactical & enhanced equipment use
Level II. Munitions replenish from killed enemies & over time
Level III. Improved Tacticals & easier to destroy War buildables (walls, MG nests, etc.)
Level IV. Equipment damage paints enemies on mini-map

As you can clearly tell, the Expeditionary Division doesn’t mess around. Their focus on alternative methods of destruction makes them unique within the Division system and appealing for exactly this reason. And, if that’s not enough, here’s four more.

Fully Equipped

Getting two Lethals and a Tactical without using a Basic Training means you’d be nuts not to incorporate them into your playstyle. And the great thing is additional equipment will complement whatever you already do. If you’re locking down a Hardpoint, surround yourself with S-Mine 44’s and a Smoke Grenade and you’ll have that place all to yourself. If you’re attacking an area, you’ve got Stickies, Frags and Satchel Charges to chuck ahead of you to clear the way of enemies. Or, your Tacticals give you Gas and Concussion Grenades to stun and daze your opponents before you run in and clean up. Your equipment will replenish, either from killed enemies or over time, so you can afford to be liberal with your use of it.

The Element Of Surprise

It’s not a surprise to hear that most interactions in Call of Duty: WWII are gun battles. You see an enemy, they see you and you shoot it out until someone wins. In this Division, your advantage is having elite skills that cater to a lethal aspect of gameplay that has nothing to do with shooting. That means, more often than not, you’ll catch people by surprise. People don’t see S-Mines until it’s too late. If you run with Saboteur, people won’t have time to react before your Frag or your Satchel Charge blows up. Once you’re in a match for a little bit, people won’t rush places with as much confidence. They’ll have to check their impulses because you’ve made them worry about your equipment expertise. And, that’s how you get good players to hesitate and make mistakes – another specialty of the Expeditionary Division.

War Ready

While any objective mode plays to Expeditionary strengths, War Mode is where equipment proficiency can swing a match in your favor. First of all, Level III is geared towards easily destroying anything your opponent builds in War. The hedgehogs in Operation Griffin? Feel free to use your two Lethals and take them out without having to plant a ***** thing. LMG nests and barbed wire on Operation Neptune? Easily dispatched. Also, start bringing a Launcher with you. Now that you can equip one without using a Basic Training to do so, you’ll not only be free to accent your loadout how you normally would, but Launchers can now take out certain buildable in a single shot. No more exposure from planting explosives. Just aim that Panzerschreck or Bazooka at a buildable and let ‘er rip. And if you’re the Allies on Operation Breakout, a Level III, longer-lasting Smoke Grenade is truly the answer to your bridge-building prayers.


Not only that, but War maps are covered with killed enemies, this means you’ll constantly be replenishing your expanded equipment repertoire. So, nuts to your reservations, soldier – let those Lethals fly. There’s always more to be collected.

Basic Complements
When you’re looking to complete your loadout, pairing the Expeditionary with just the right Basic Training will V2 Rocket your game into the stratosphere. The best choice, ultimately, will be the one that best complements your specific strengths as a player. However, we’ll give you some fine pairings to keep in mind when running with the Expeditionary Division.

First, we’ve got Espionage. Any bullet damage you dish out paints enemies on your team’s mini-map. This stacks perfectly with the Level IV ability that paints enemies on your mini-map from equipment damage. With this pairing, any time you injure an enemy, you’re marking them for your entire team. Tossing your teammates extra intel is always appreciated. Our other recommendation is Instincts. This also allows you to spot enemy equipment. You’ll be able to easily avoid S-Mines, Satchel Charges and Frags with this Basic Training. Not only that, you’ll be warned when an off-screen enemy has you in their sights. Also, don’t forget about Launched just because you don’t need to use it to carry a Launcher. It’s the Basic Training that creates the ultimate, explosive loadout. In a War Mode match, you’ll be tearing through buildables and resupplying rockets the entire time. It’s devastating to opponents and, frankly, rockets are pretty fun.

So, that’s the Expeditionary. If Grenades are a big part of what you do in this game, you’ve got yourself a new home. If War Mode is your only mode, welcome to the Expeditionary. They’re demolition experts, skilled grenadiers and savvy scavengers. They’re the Expeditionary. Won’t you join them?

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