Operation Shamrock & Awe-some

With this gear, you won’t need luck. (3/23 Update, featuring NEW WEAPON CAMOS!)

Operation Shamrock & Awe-some

With this gear, you won’t need luck. (3/23 Update, featuring NEW WEAPON CAMOS!)

Shamrock and Awe rolls on, Call of Duty: WWII's celebration o’ the Irish. What waits for us at the end of our rainbow? A big pot full o’ gear. In fact, it’s the biggest addition of new gear to Call of Duty: WWII to date, with over 450 new items and a whole new category of gear. Plus, now you can unlock new Weapon Camos and Reticles in Supply Drops. To kick us off we’ve got some brand new Weapon Camos. If you’re the kind of player who doesn’t like to wait around for Supply Drops, you can unlock some Operation: Shamrock & Awe-themed Weapon Camos under Collections at the Quartermaster. All of the following are available to unlock with Armory Credits.


Pot of Gold Weapon' Camo - Snipers

Green and gold and littered with shamrocks, this clean-looking camo ensures your long-distance kills have an extra smidge of luck. We’re not saying you need it, but , hey, with these camos you’ll have your bases covered. 



'Blind Luck' Weapon Camo - Melees

If you want your US Shovel spotted with black shamrocks and blotches of green paint, you need look no further than Blind Luck. People will think you’ve played a bit too much Leprechaun Hunt and maybe gotten a bit too good at it, if you know what we mean. 



'Pot of Gold' Weapon Camo - Shotguns

The green shamrocks with white outlines and gold paint make for a shiny exterior on this splashy Shotgun camo. Pumping buckshot with a bit of Irish flair never hurt anybody.

Except the other guy.


'Blind Luck' Weapon Camo - Pistols

This camo sports sharp green paint, spotted with black shamrocks outlined in gold. It’s all the flash of a pot of gold and all the shamrocks of an Irish pub. Your Pistols won’t have any trouble standing out in a crowd, or on Pointe du Hoc.



M-38 - 'Top O' the Mornin''

This little French-made number enters the SMG ranks with an impressive bang. Machined mostly from solid steel, this high-quality SMG boasts a large magazine, modest damage and the fastest aim down sight in its class. It’s an excellent addition to the already robust class of SMGs in the game. With better accuracy than the MP-40, more damage than the Type 100 and more range than the PPSh-41, the M-38 will likely see itself incorporated into your rotation of loadouts in no time. Just make sure to corral the vertical kick.



MG81 - 'Big Irish'

If the built-in sights on the MG81 remind you of something you’d fire from the tail of a combat aircraft, it’s because the MG81 saw most of its World War II action firing from the tails of German bombers. It’s not a small weapon, but – like the M-38 – this LMG offers players fastest in-class aim down sight, impressive accuracy and all the range you’d expect from an LMG usually mounted in an airplane. You’d be wise not to sleep on the LMG class, and this weapon is just another reason why.


 Airborne - British Commando 'Mean Green'

The stamp of the shamrock graces the threads of this Epic Airborne Uniform called, appropriately, Mean Green. Your fleet Airborne feet will feel like dancing a jig with these three-leafed icons adorning this camouflaged jumpsuit. You’ll be able to drop into enemy territory with a silenced SMG and the confidence someone who banished all the snakes from Ireland



Special Helmet - Irish Bowler

Don’t let the formal structure of a bowler fool you – this thing is as combat ready as anything you’ll find at the Quartermaster. Made with Irish pride, this headwear displays a sharp, bright green tint with the luckiest symbol of fortune in all of Ireland affixed to the front: a four-leaf clover. We’re confident you won’t need luck. But, just in case, the Irish Bowler will provide plenty of it

Charmed, I'm Sure

In addition to the trucks of new gear, St. Paddy’s also brings us an entirely new category of gear: Weapon Charms. Charms are those little accessories dangling from your weapon that bounce up and down as you fire downrange. A Pot of Gold would look mighty nice dangling from your M1 Garand, wouldn’t it? Or, if you want a new look for an old weapon, accent that new M-38 with the End of the Rainbow charm. However you choose to dress ‘em up, you’ll be spoiled for choice when outfitting your weapon.


That’s a whole lot of Irish to add to your loadout. And it’s all available now in Supply Drops and at the Quartermaster, along with over 450 new pieces of gear. So go see Captain Butcher, wish him a happy St. Paddy's and grab yourself some luck of the Irish. 

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