Gear Up with the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Extra Slots Pack

Secure an additional 50 Create-a-Class slots, double the number of Emblems, and more.

by Call of Duty Staff on December 23, 2015

With features* like Pick 10, Gunsmith, Weapon Paintshop, the Emblem Editor, and more, Black Ops 3 offers the most robust and customizable Call of Duty multiplayer experience to-date. Treyarch has given players unprecedented power to control the look and build of their weapons, create original graphics that can be displayed on their weapons and in game lobbies, and more. Any original design, weapon variant, custom gametype, or captured moment can also be shared with the community through the in-game showcase or through social media.

Since launch, we’ve seen some incredible creations, but we also know that many fans want more space to craft and store their work, which is why earlier this month, we introduced the Extra Slots Pack. The Extra Slots Pack gives players 50 additional Create-a-Class slots and doubles the number of slots for Emblems, Paintjobs, Gunsmith Variants, Screenshots, Films, and Custom Games.


The Extra Slots Pack can be found in the in-game Store menu or right within the Create-a-Class menu in multiplayer.  From the start screen, just pop into Multiplayer, navigate to Public Match, and then into Create-a-Class.


When you enter the Create-a-Class menu, you’ll see your eight custom classes, but if you tap R1 on PlayStation 4 or the corresponding button for your platform of choice, you’ll have an opportunity to purchase the Extra Slots pack using Call of Duty Points.

After that, you’re all set and new custom slots will be immediately available across the Gunsmith, Weapon Paintshop, Emblem Editor, and other in-game systems.


Alongside the in-game Showcase, be sure to share your designs with us on Twitter by tweeting to @CallofDuty, @Activision, or the developers at @Treyarch. You can also find Call of Duty on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

*Gunsmith, Weapon Paintshop, Emblem Editor, Extra Slots Pack, and Call of Duty Points available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC only. Game features and performance vary by platform. Visit for more information.