Division Dossier: 4 Reasons Why to Go Airborne

Limber, lightweight and lethal: join the Airborne.

Division Dossier: 4 Reasons Why to Go Airborne

Limber, lightweight and lethal: join the Airborne.

With the recent tweaks to the Division system (check out the overview here), it’ll be even easier for players to ensure their Division choice matches their style of play. The Airborne Division has the unique gift of added athleticism in the field. As you play and earn Division XP you’ll reach new levels. Here’s what you get and when you get it:

Level I. Fire guns while sprinting & diving
Level II. Reload while sprinting
Level III. Climb over obstacles faster & no damage from falling
Level IV. Sprint faster over time

The case for the Airborne is pretty clear… speed. Mobile, hostile and agile: there’s no soldier like an Airborne soldier and here are four reasons to become one:

I Wanna Go Fast

More than any of the others, the Airborne puts a premium on movement. Sprint faster, climb quicker – they’re the nimblest of Divisions. The benefits are pretty obvious: the faster you move, the harder you are to hit. And the benefits don’t stop there – you’ll escape interlopers in CTF, cap points faster in Dom and lead the charge in War. If you’ve played Operation Neptune, your sprinting ability makes storming the beach seem infinitely more doable. These advantages, while only making a difference of seconds, can make a world of difference in your MP life. According to every football coach on the planet, ‘Ya can’t teach speed’. The Airborne has that unteachable skill and it’s a hell of an addition to any loadout.

Stopping is for Suckers

Running with the Airborne means you’re an unstoppable, kinetic force of nature. You’re faster than everybody else, the longer you run, the faster you go AND you don’t need to stop to fire or reload. If you pair this with the Flanker Basic Training – which makes you invisible on mini-maps while sprinting – you’ll be almost entirely invisible to enemy radar. And you can’t hit what you can’t see. Think about how many times enemies were sitting around a corner waiting for you. The Airborne can make that a thing of the past.

Lighten The Load

So, you’re faster and there’s no reason to ever stop moving. The fleet feet allow you to fly around the map regardless of your Primary Weapon. Sure, the bulk of an LMG will slow you slightly.  But slower when you’re Level IV in the Airborne Division is still noticeably quicker, even with an LMG in your hand. Paired with the Hustle Basic Training for quicker reloading and Extended Mag so you won’t have to reload often, the Airborne/LMG pairing makes you dangerous from any distance. You’ll thrive on maps with varied engagement ranges – think Valkyrie, Gustav Cannon or Operation Breakout – because you have the speed to cover open areas and the long-range firepower to take down anybody who dares cross your sight.

At this point, the Airborne is looking pretty good: speed, stealth and quicker LMG movement. But to really maximize this Division, you’ve got to pair it with the best Basic Training. There’s no wrong answer, but we have an ideal pairing that really elevates the Division to greater heights. An excellent go-to Basic Training, particularly with objective modes where you’ll see lots of grenades, is Hunker. That early grenade warning plus taking less explosive damage ensures your lightning quickness allows you to get the hell away from explosions in plenty of time. Also, if you’re interested in vengeance on whoever dared throw a grenade your way, the fuse is reset on throwbacks. So, capitalize on that early warning and your speed by hucking that pineapple back from whence it came. You’ll see this combination a lot in War Mode. There’s a good reason for that. Whether you’re building a bridge or chasing a tank, withstanding grenades and being able to throw them back is truly a blessing.

In short, the Airborne is a hell of a choice. So, get out there and run circles around your slower enemies. They’ll be gasping for air while you capture objectives. Keep an eye out for future editions of Division Dossier as we dive into other options, but until then: be fast, be silent, be a hero. Join the Airborne.

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