Features / Multiplayer



Clans are more deeply integrated with the game than ever before and are an integral part of the Call of Duty: Ghosts' multiplayer experience. This year introduces new breakthroughs, including the Call of Duty Clan Wars game experience, and cross-platform Clans -- where players can now join a Clan with friends regardless of whether they play on Xbox, PlayStation or Windows PC, and level-up their Clan to earn exclusive unlocks and multiplayer XP bonuses.

Clan Wars

Complete in Call of Duty® Clan Wars - Battle for territory against multiple Clans of similar skill. Earn exclusive Call of Duty® Clan Wars items and XP Bonuses by dominating your opponents.

Clan Stats

Track Your Clan Stats - Show off and track your Clan's progress. View your current Call of Duty® Clan Wars Status.

Clan Unlocks

Unlock Exclusive Items & Bonuses - Unlock bonuses with Clan XP, awarded for every multiplayer match played with at least one other Clan Member.

Clan Communication

Chat with your Clan Mates - Discuss strategies for Call of Duty® Clan Wars and plan gaming sessions using the Call of Duty app's Clan Chat and Rally Up features.

Clan Emblem Editor

Personalize Your Clan Profile - Create the perfect identity for your Clan with the Call of Duty app's touch-based Clan Emblem Editor and Clan Backgrounds.