The 2018 Call of Duty World League Pro League Stage 1 Playoffs, Presented by PlayStation 4, began on April 6 with the top four teams in each Stage 1 Division squaring off in first round matches. Here is what the bracket looks like after one day of play:

The Stage 1 Playoff battle between divisions is currently at a stalemate, as each division’s second and fourth seeded teams won their first round matches. Here’s a closer look at the first day of the playoffs:

eUnited Upset Rise

eUnited kicked off the four match card by sweeping Division A Regular Season Champions Rise Nation.

Rise outshot eUnited in game one, a Hardpoint on Sainte Marie Du Mont, but still lost the game 250-206 due to eUnited’s solid hill rotation management.

Game two brought the teams back to Sainte Marie Du Mont for Search and Destroy, where Justin “SiLLY” Fargo nailed a 10th round 1v2 clutch to give eUnited a 6-4 victory.

eUnited then completed the sweep with a 4-1 win in Capture the Flag on Flak Tower and sent Rise into the Losers Bracket

Luminosity Reverse Sweep Red Reserve

Red Reserve began their series against Luminosity with two straight wins, but lost momentum in game three’s final minute of regulation.

In that game, an CTF on Ardennes Forest, LG struck quickly with Josiah “Slacked” Berry’s streaks, breaking a 3-3 tie to win their first game of the series.

Rolling off that win, LG threw Red into the 100-point club in game four, an HP on London Docks, and won the series in game five, round 11 in a S&D on USS Texas.

OpTic still undefeated in 2018 eClasico

The Boys in Blue have yet to break down the Green Wall in 2018.

OpTic Gaming’s Ian “Crimsix” Porter began eClasico’s latest episode by leading his team to a 250-104 win in an HP on London Docks, dominating EnVy with 39 total kills.

EnVy then could not win a single round in game two, an S&D on London Docks. Facing the series sweep, Austin "SlasheR" Liddicoat clutched up in a showdown against Damon “Karma” Barlow to help EnVy tie, and eventually win, a CTF on London Docks.

OpTic did not entertain the idea of a reverse sweep for long after that loss, knocking EnVy into the Losers Bracket with a 250-151 victory in an HP on Valkyrie.

Team Kaliber Win Earmarked by Intense Hardpoints

Team Kaliber beat FaZe Clan 3-1 in a first round match where both Hardpoints were won by single-digits.

In game one, an HP on London Docks, FaZe won 250-245 thanks to Tommy “ZooMaa” Paparatto stepping up with 51 kills out of his 99 total combat engagements.

Team Kaliber then won back-to-back games to set themselves up for match point in game four, a HP on Gibraltar.

Like the series’ first game, game four came down to the final hill rotation, where tK’s Kenny “Kenny” Williams made a crucial flank to seal Team Kaliber’s 3-1 series victory.

The Stage 1 Playoffs continue today with the start of the Losers Bracket and the Winners Semifinals. You can watch the playoffs live at, where you can watch all CWL broadcasts in source quality video, engage with fellow fans in the Scorestreak mini-game, and see real-time player statistics.

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