Stage 1 of the CWL Global Pro League is set to begin on April 21, and you’ll be able to catch all of the action on as the top nine North American teams, top six European teams, and the number one team in the APAC region battle it out. These teams earned their spots by gaining enough CWL Pro Points throughout the season, and they are ready to fight for a share of $700,000.

If you are one of the thousands of players who missed out on Stage 1, you are probably thinking to yourself, “Now what?”

CWL Pro Points were the biggest factor in determining the first set of CWL Global Pro League teams, and they still matter on the Road to the Call of Duty World League Championship. Here is a quick FAQ that will help you see why CWL Pro Points dictate the rest of the Call of Duty World League season.

So, I didn’t qualify for Stage 1. Does this mean it was a complete waste of time to grind those CWL Pro Points?

Absolutely not. All CWL Pro Points earned throughout the season still count, so teams like Tainted Minds, TheGosuCrew and iGame have a head start. However, there are a ton of opportunities in the coming months to get CWL Pro Points, as well as at tournaments where having enough CWL Pro Points is your key to competing.

What’s the biggest event coming up that has to do with Pro Points?

Mark your calendars for June 15 through June 18, and book your tickets to CWL Anaheim in California, the next MLG Open event in the CWL calendar. That’s where there will be a Relegation Tournament featuring the bottom four Pro League teams fighting for their spot against the two top NA teams, the top EU team, and the top APAC team not in the Pro League, based on CWL Pro Points at 3am PST on June 1.

All teams who qualify for Stage 2 of the Global Pro League will also receive an automatic spot at the CWL Championship, so this tournament could mean instant qualification for a non-Stage 1 Pro League team. Those four non-Pro League teams will qualify for this LAN Relegation Tournament through an online tournament, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

As for the rest of that three-day weekend, the CWL Anaheim Open will take place, and it will offer a $200,000 prize pool, with the top team taking home $80,000 and 25,000 points per player.

I’m ready to grind right now and get in for Stage 2! How do I qualify for the Relegation Tournament?

Each region will have an online Relegation Qualification Tournament, where the top 16 non-Pro League teams in terms of CWL Pro Points will duke it out. The North American tournament will see the top two teams advance to the Relegation Tournament, and the first place team from EU and the first place team from APAC will head to Relegation.

The CWL Pro Point lock date for the tournament, which means the day that will determine what the teams for the Relegation Qualification Tournament are, is June 1. If you want to make the cut, each region has several online GameBattles tournaments in the weekends leading up to June 1, and you can see what weekends are tournament weekends for your region right here. The top prize for each of these tournaments is 2,000 Pro Points per player, and the top two teams will also get a cash bonus of $2,000 and $1,000 respectively in North America, $1,600 and $900 in EU and $375 and $125 in APAC.

GameBattles also has the CWL Pro Points Ladder, where you can get some practice in for these tournaments while getting up to 50 CWL Pro Points per day. You’ll get five CWL Pro Points for each win, and a 10 CWL Pro Points bonus for your first win of each day. Fifty points may not seem like much, but take a whole month, around 30 days, of getting 50 points a day, and you can earn around 1,500 CWL Pro Points!

I’m in the EU or APAC Region and want a huge CWL Pro Point boost so I can qualify for that Relegation Tournament. I’m also willing to travel, so are there any LAN events coming up that offer CWL Pro Points?

If you are in the EU or APAC region, then you not only have those online tournaments, as you have your very own LAN event to get some great cash prizes and tons of Pro Points!

Besides the the CWL Birmingham Open this weekend, the EU Region also has another big opportunity for Pro Points, as there will be the CWL Sheffield Open from June 24-25 that can give your team a huge push before the EU Last Chance Qualifier, which you can find more information about below.

For those in the APAC Region, ESL Australia is hosting another CWL Sydney Open II on May 12-14, where the top players will earn $3,500 AUD out of the $30,000 AUD up for grabs, as well as 10,000 Pro Points each.

It’s also not too late to sign up for the CWL Anaheim Open where you could win up to 25k CWL Pro Points for winning and becoming the next CWL Open Champion.

Okay, so maybe I am a few thousand CWL Pro Points short of the Relegation tournament, but I still want to attend CWL Anaheim, what are my CWL Pro Points useful for?

Fortunately for you, CWL Pro Points determine seeding in the Open Bracket at CWL Anaheim. If you fail to qualify for the Relegation tournament, but still have a good amount of CWL Pro Points, you’ll be able to get a better seed in the Open Bracket at CWL Anaheim. And that means more favorable matchups as you grind through for more CWL Pro Points!

Let’s say I do well in the CWL Anaheim Open even though I was not in the Relegation Tournament. Do I have one last chance at qualifying for the CWL  Championship?

There are three Last Chance Qualifiers, one in each region, which are LAN events as well. It’s worth noting that in 2017, excluding teams qualified for Stage 2 of the Global Pro League, all teams will qualify for the Call of Duty World Championship via a LAN tournament. The Last Chance Qualifiers will take place on different weekends in July, and the top 16 teams from each region in terms of CWL Pro Points (outside of the teams who qualify for Stage 2) will qualify for their respective regional tournament.

Each region will have a different number of teams qualify for the Call of Duty World League Championship through the Last Chance Qualifier. On July 1 through July 3, the EU Last Chance Qualifier will see six teams qualify for Champs, and on July 6 through July 9, the APAC Last Chance Qualifier will see two CWL Championship bound teams. Then on July 25 at the North American Last Chance Qualifier, the top eight teams will qualify.

In the weeks leading up to those Last Chance Qualifiers, there will be several online 2K weekend tournaments across all regions. Plus, the 2K tournaments that happen during the CWL Global Pro League are only open to teams not in the CWL Global Pro League, meaning that there are more chances to win, earn money, and pick up big CWL Pro Points while the biggest teams in each region are busy with the Pro League.  You can see the dates for those tournaments right here. And of course, you can still get 50 CWL Pro Points per day by grinding the CWL GameBattles Ladder.

So, there you have it. If you didn’t have enough CWL Pro Points to qualify for Stage 1, you have a lot of opportunities to earn more and put your points to good use. Good luck in your quest for CWL Pro Points, and keep charging for a chance at making it all the way to the Call of Duty World League Championship 2017.

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