Warzone FAQ


You have questions: We have answers. How to play the new Warzone experience in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®.



1. What is Warzone?

Warzone is the new massive combat arena within Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, completely free for all players, across all available platforms. Explore a massive battleground with two new modes to play – a Battle Royale mode and Plunder, an all-new frenetic fight for cold-hard Cash – experience the signature Modern Warfare gameplay with up to 150 players. Drop in, armor up, loot for rewards, and battle your way to the top.

2. How can I play Warzone?

Warzone can be played in one of two ways:

For Modern Warfare owners: Warzone appears as another game mode option in the Main Menu between Multiplayer and Co-Op.

For Non-Modern Warfare owners: A version of Modern Warfare that provides access to only the Warzone portion can be downloaded separately from Modern Warfare as a free-to-play experience on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Games Store, or the Battle.net App (PC).

3. What platforms is Warzone available to play on?

Warzone can be played on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

4. Is PlayStation Plus a requirement to play on PlayStation 4?


5. Is Xbox Live Gold a requirement to play on Xbox One?


6. What are the PC system requirements for Warzone?

The minimum system requirements are:

·       Requires DirectX 12 compatible system

·       OS: Windows 7 64-Bit (SP1) or Windows 10 64-Bit

·       CPU: Intel Core i3-4340 or AMD FX-6300

·       Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 / GeForce GTX 1650 or Radeon HD 7950

·       RAM: 8GB RAM

·       HDD: 175GB HD space

·       Network: Broadband Internet connection

·       Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

You can read more about the recommended system requirements for the game here.

7. Can I play Warzone on PC using a controller?

Yes, here’s how you can:

1.    Plug in controller of choice.

2.    Enter the in-game Options Menu.

3.    Tab over to General.

4.    Switch Input Device from Keyboard & Mouse to Controller.

8. Can I play Warzone on a console using a mouse and keyboard?

Yes, here’s how you can:

1.    Plug in a keyboard and mouse. Your console should automatically detect this new input device.

2.    If not, follow the instructions above, switching the Input Device from Controller to Keyboard & Mouse.

9. Does Warzone offer cross-platform support?

Yes. To make crossplay possible, Modern Warfare now requires players to log in to an Activision/Call of Duty account. If you don't have an Activision/Call of Duty account, you can create a free one here or in the game when you connect online for the first time.

Your Activision/Call of Duty account comes with a unique Activision ID, which is how you'll appear in game and how you and your friends can identify each other.

Learn more about Managing an Activision/Call of Duty account.

10. What are my crossplay options? Can I disable it?

Crossplay is enabled by default and must remain enabled to play Warzone on Xbox One and PC.

On PlayStation 4, you can choose to disable Crossplay if you only want to play with other PlayStation 4 players.

1.    Go to the Options menu.

2.    Navigate to the Account tab.

3.    Toggle the Crossplay option to Disabled.

When playing with Crossplay enabled, use the Account tab to enable or disable text and voice chat with players on other platforms.

11. How do I add my friends?

Head to the Social menu to manage your friends. Friends appear in one of two categories: Activision friends and friends on your current platform.

Follow these steps to invite friends from other platforms:

1.    Select Social from the main menu.

2.    Select Invite Friends while on the Friends tab.

3.    Select Enter Activision Account to send invite.

4.    Enter your friend’s Activision ID (ex: PlayerName#1234567).

Please note: Some older Activision IDs do not include numbers after the PlayerName.

You can also use this space to add players you recently played with to your Friends list.

1.    Go to the Friends tab in the Social menu.

2.    Select Invite Friends.

3.    Scroll through the list of Recently met Activision players and select the friend you want to add.

12. A friend invited me. Where do I go to accept the invitation?

1.    Go to the Friends tab in the Social menu.

2.    Select Invite Friends.

3.    Navigate to the Friend Request tab.

Your invites will be under Received Requests. You'll also see the requests you've sent to other players.

13. How do I start a Party?

Follow these steps if you’d like to be a Party Leader:

1.    Go to the Party tab in the Social menu.

2.    Select Manage Party.

3.    Navigate to the Invite Players tab.

4.    Choose the players you want to invite from your list of friends.

5.    Return to the Party tab in the Social menu and select Party Settings to adjust your Party’s privacy settings.



1. How do I play the Battle Royale Mode?

Battle Royale pits a three-person squad against up to 49 other squads in a last team standing match within Verdansk. During this mode, the circle collapse will shrink the playable area, increasing the skill needed to survive. The last remaining squad wins the match.

Here’s how you can access this game mode:

1.    Enter the Warzone menu.

2.    (Optional) Invite up to two of your friends into your Party.

3.    Locate the Battle Royale mode and select it, thereby placing you into a lobby.

Read more about Battle Royale in our Tutorials and In-Game Modes sections.

2. How do I play the Plunder Mode?

In this mode, you drop as a fireteam comprising three members (you and two others). Each team fights (against up to 49 other teams of three) to collect the most Cash. This is achieved by battling other fireteams, hunting, scavenging, and defending; all in the name of hitting your million-dollar objective.

Here's how you can access this game mode:

1.    Enter the Warzone menu.

2.    (Optional) Invite up to two of your friends into your Party.

3.    Locate the Plunder mode and select it, thereby placing you into a lobby.

Read more about Plunder in our Tutorials and In-Game Modes sections.

3. What is Loot?

Loot is a catchall term for anything you can find, pick up, and use in Warzone. Loot includes weapons and attachments, ammo, equipment, armor plates, Field Upgrades, weapon blueprints (weapons with attachments already equipped), Gas Masks, Killstreaks, and Cash.

Loot is scattered throughout Verdansk on the ground or the floors and rooftops of buildings and other structures, and also contained within Supply Boxes. 

4. What are Supply Boxes?

Supply Boxes are also peppered throughout the map and contain multiple loot items. The contents of a Supply Box appear upon opening it, allowing you to pick and choose which items you wish to carry. Keep your ears open, as a humming sound will resonate when a Supply Box is nearby.

Contract-related Supply Boxes, which are unique versions of Supply Boxes, are available with the Scavenger Contract and typically contain loot with higher rarities.

5. What are Buy Stations?

If you’ve acquired Cash, you can trade it in for loot at a Buy Station. Small green shopping carts on your map indicate the locations of Supply Stations, where you can acquire Killstreaks, Armor Plates, Resupply Tokens, and your Loadout from a Drop Kit for the right amount of Cash.

6. How much can I carry in my inventory?

While inventory management is ultimately a personal preference, there are a few basics to understand.

Your inventory is a finite collection of the items you find while exploring Verdansk. Because you enter a Battle Royale match equipped with only a pistol, it’s essential to loot as quickly as possible to find more powerful weapons to help you survive a firefight.

As you continue to pick up loot, you will eventually run out of space in your inventory. At this point, you’ll need to start making choices about the items you think are the most important to carry.

Find out more about Loot, Supply Boxes, Buy Stations, and Inventory items here.

7. What are Loadouts and Loadout Drops?

Loadout Drops are in-game packages that contain Loadouts, a custom class that is built in the Weapons menu of Warzone. At the outset of your progression path, you may only choose from a set of preloaded Loadouts within a Loadout Drop. However, once you’ve earned enough XP to unlock the rank of Private IV, you will be able to customize your own Loadout to match your playstyle and preferences. Note this applies to the Battle Royale game mode. The Plunder game mode does not have Loadout Drops (as you enter the match with a pre-chosen Loadout).

Learn more about Loadouts and Loadout Drops here.

8. What is the best way to get around the map?

While you can get just about anywhere in Verdansk on foot, that might not be your safest or most efficient method of transportation.

Around Verdansk, you can find ATVs, Tactical Rovers, SUVs, and Cargo Trucks to move faster on the ground, or a Helicopter to soar through the air.

Read more about these vehicles in their dedicated chapter here.

9. What weapons are available?

There are three types of weapons available in Warzone: Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, and Special Weapons. Both Primary Weapons and Secondary Weapons can be found within a Warzone game or equipped in a Loadout, while Special Weapons can only be found within a Warzone game.

Primary Weapons are Assault Rifles, SMGs (Submachine Guns), Shotguns, LMGs (Light Machine Guns), Marksman Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Melee (Riot Shield).

Secondary Weapons are Sidearms (Pistols), Launchers, and Melee (Combat Knife).

Special Weapons include the Grenade Launcher and other powerful tools that appear as Legendary loot items in-game.

Learn more about Weapons here.

10. What are Blueprints?

A weapon blueprint is variant of a weapon family within Warzone. Weapon blueprints have different names than the base weapon in that family, or other weapon blueprints– e.g., instead of the Model 680 or The Ejector, a Shotgun Alpha blueprint can be called the “1337 Skeet”. Blueprints also can have cosmetic differences and may come pre-equipped with attachments.

These attachments are given to you on this specific blueprint without needing to level up the weapon to earn them. This way you can utilize specific cool attachments before you earn them by leveling up. You can still earn all weapon attachments organically and swap out – or add – attachments to weapon blueprints that are earned organically through leveling up that weapon.

Some weapons within the Warzone appear as loot – usually, that of Rare quality or higher – and the name of which can be found either when viewing the weapon on the ground, or on the bottom right corner of the HUD above the weapon silhouette.

11. What are Operators and how can I unlock them all, and cool skins for them?

Operators are unique characters with their own backstory, nationality, character dialogue, character skins, and cosmetic customization options. While they are separated into Allegiance and Coalition fighters (applicable in Multiplayer), they have joined forces as Armistice, a Global Task Force sent to Verdansk to stop evil.

At the main Operators menu screen, you have the option to choose either Coalition or Allegiance as your favorite faction. When you queue up into a match, the operator you have selected within your favorite faction will be the operator you play as in the Warzone match. 

The Operators menu screen is also where you can preview Operators and any Operator skins you have unlocked.

At first, you will only be able to play as the Default Operator. By completing challenges – whether in Warzone or in the full version of Modern Warfare – or purchasing Bundles in the Store, you can unlock each Operator for use across the Warzone experience, as well as Special Ops, and Multiplayer in the full version of Modern Warfare.

Operators come complete with a default outfit set (known as a skin), but you can unlock more by completing Operator Challenges in the Battle Pass System or purchasing them within Bundles in the Store.

Learn more about Operators here.

12. Can I play in Solo or with only one other teammate?

Yes, you can, but you'll be matched with other players to fill a trio in Battle Royale and Plunder modes.

13. What is the Gulag?

The Gulag is a post-death zone accessible in specific Warzone modes, including Battle Royale. You will know you’re in the Gulag if your Operator is being dragged to a castle-like structure with the text “Captured: Prisoner of Warzone” in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Once in the Gulag, you must fight in a 1v1 against a fellow prisoner in order to win redeployment back into the game. While waiting in the Gulag, you can cheer on a friend fighting down below, or throw rocks at other players.

Read more about the Gulag here.

14. How can I redeploy in the game?

Redeployment is possible through the following:

In Battle Royale

·      Winning a Gulag match

·      A teammate buying your redeployment through a Buy Station

In Plunder:

Redeployment is automatic after 15 seconds post-death. Your teammates can also redeploy you via a Buy Station purchase.

Read more about redeployment and reviving, including self-revive, here.

15. How big is the map?


16. How do I win a game of Warzone?

It depends on the mode:

Battle Royale: Be the last squad standing.

Plunder: Be the squad with the most Cash at the end of the time limit.

You can read more about both modes, and other modes to be released in Warzone, in the In-Game Modes section here.

17. Where can I find out more about Warzone?

You’ve come to the right place! Keep reading our guide to learn plenty about Warzone, and check out the Activision Games Blog for more intel.

18. How often will the game get updated?

Currently, Warzone will be updated through hotfixes, along with major title updates that coincide with updates for the full version of Modern Warfare.

Keep up to date with the latest updates on Infinity Ward’s Community page.



1. Do I need Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to play Warzone?

No. Warzone is a free-to-play experience within Modern Warfare. However, those that already own Modern Warfare will automatically receive it within their game.

2. What are the benefits of purchasing Modern Warfare if I already have access to Warzone?

·      Unlock the full version of Modern Warfare with all progress and items from Warzone carried over.

·      Play through a gritty and compelling Campaign and tactical Co-Op modes to gain more context into why your Operators are fighting in Verdansk.

·      Experience world-class Multiplayer with dozens of game modes and maps, including those that are right from the Warzone experience.

·      Learn about the Killstreaks and Field Upgrades you can find in Warzone through Multiplayer, as they become earnable in-game rewards during gameplay.

·      Gain access to all the Operator Challenges: Play the full version of Modern Warfare to access 17 of the 18 available Operators. The 18th Operator is unlocked by completing the Battle Royale Tutorial.

3. Is everything I unlock in Warzone accessible in Modern Warfare?

Yes. Progress is also saved across platforms; progress is stored on your Activision/Call of Duty account, not your platform account. That means your progression carries with you no matter which platform you play on as long as the platforms are linked to the same Activision/Call of Duty account.

Cross-progression includes XP and Weapon XP, items you've earned or unlocked through gameplay, Battle Pass System progress, Campaign progress, and Missions and Challenges you've completed.

Cross-progression does not include Call of Duty Points (COD Points, CP), however. You can only spend COD Points on the platform on which they were purchased, but items you purchase with COD Points are shared across all linked platforms.

Note that some items purchased from the Franchise Store (like Call of Duty League Team Packs and Call of Duty: Endowment Packs) may not be available across platforms.

Please note: If you choose to link a platform account to another Activision/Call of Duty account, your progress will not carry over.

4. Does owning Modern Warfare give a player an unfair advantage?

No. Modern Warfare owners and Warzone free-to-play owners have the same amount of access to progression, Loadouts, Store items, the Battle Pass System, and everything within Warzone. Although Modern Warfare offers Multiplayer and Co-Op, two ways that one could train for Warzone, Modern Warfare owners do not have an unfair advantage against Warzone free-to-play owners.

Note that some (usually time-sensitive) items that were available in earlier Modern Warfare Seasons may not be available currently.



1.What is the Battle Pass System?

The Battle Pass System is a tiered reward system that awards players with items as they play Warzone. It contains 100 Tiers of content to earn, with over a fifth of those being free for all players.

Purchasing the full Battle Pass gives you access to all 100 Tiers along with Tier 0, a bundle of exclusive items for Battle Pass owners. For example, Season 2 Battle Pass owners gain access to the Operator Ghost, the Marshland skin and Operator Mission for Thorne, the Time Traveler watch, and a 10% global XP boost.

The full Battle Pass can either be purchased for 1,000 COD Points, or 2,400 COD Points (the Battle Pass Bundles), which also unlocks 20 Tiers automatically upon purchase.

2. Do I need the Battle Pass in order to play Warzone?

No. The Battle Pass is an optional addition to your Warzone experience.

3. Can I buy the Season 1 Battle Pass?

No. A Battle Pass for a specific season expires when that season is over.

4. Are the Warzone and Modern Warfare Battle Passes the same thing?

Yes. Progress and unlocks from the Battle Pass are cross-shared between experiences.

5. I seem to be unlocking items in the Battle Pass, but because I haven’t purchased the Battle Pass, they are inaccessible. How can I obtain them?

Purchasing the Battle Pass allows you to unlock all tiers and items within the Battle Pass. If you purchase the Battle Pass after earning multiple inaccessible Tiers, you will automatically gain access to everything you’ve unlocked thus far and the ability to unlock all other Tiers within that season’s Battle Pass.

6. If I wait to buy the Battle Pass, do all of the items I’ve unlocked become accessible at that time?


7. How much is the Battle Pass? Is it a good value?

The full Battle Pass can either be purchased for 1,000 COD Points, or 2,400 COD Points (the Battle Pass Bundles), which also unlocks 20 Tiers automatically upon purchase.

The entire Battle Pass System contains 100 Tiers of content, with multiple Tiers including more than one item. Some Tiers even include COD Points; up to 300 COD Points can be earned through free Tiers, and an additional 1,000 COD Points through the full Battle Pass.

Because you can earn up to 1,300 COD Points through the Battle Pass and unlocking the full Battle Pass only costs 1,000 COD Points, if you fully unlock all COD Point Battle Pass rewards, this fully pays for your Battle Pass!

This assumes you unlock enough Battle Pass Tiers through normal gameplay to receive the 1,300 COD Points .



1. What are COD Points and how can I obtain them?

Call of Duty® Points (COD Points, also abbreviated to CP) are the in-game currency that can be used in Warzone to obtain new in-game content. To get COD Points, visit the Store menu in Warzone and scroll down to Franchise Store, or purchase them on your first-party platform store.

2. Is Cash (the Warzone in-game currency) needed to purchase Store items?

No. Cash is separate from COD Points. It is purely an in-match currency specific to the Warzone experience and doesn’t count to towards Store items at all.

3. Can I purchase individual items at the Store?

No. Store items are packaged within Store Bundles.

4. What are Store Bundles?

Store Bundles are multiple items rolled into a themed package for purchase in the Store. A Bundle can include an Operator, Operator Skin, Weapon Blueprint, Weapon Charm, Weapon Sticker, Weapon Camo, Weapon Reticle, Calling Card, Emblem, Spray, Gesture, Finishing Move, or Battle Pass Tier Skip.

5. Can I see the item I’m purchasing before I buy it?

Yes; for each Bundle, you are able to preview each item by hovering over it and hitting the designated Preview command found at the bottom of your screen.

6. Is the Warzone and Modern Warfare Store the same thing?

Yes. All items purchased through the Store will be shared between the Warzone experience and Modern Warfare.

Note that COD Points can only be spent on the platform on which they were purchased, but items you purchase with COD Points are shared across all linked platforms.



1. Can I submit a bug or feedback about Warzone?

Yes; visit support.activision.com to submit a bug or feedback about Warzone.

2. I am having problems during game installation or am having problems playing the game. Can you help?

You can visit support.activision.com for help with game installation, playing the game, or have any further questions about Warzone.














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This is about the Strategy Guide

The iconic Black Ops Series is back

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  • 全新特戰兵
  • 100階級的全新內容
  • 最多1,300點COD點數


















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  • PlayStation 4版本遊戲
  • PlayStation 5版本遊戲
  • Xbox One版本遊戲
  • Xbox Series X及Xbox Series S版本遊戲
    透過向下相容的Xbox One可遊玩版本
  • PC版本遊戲
  • 馬上便能在《黑色行動冷戰》及《現代戰域》中使用普萊斯上尉†

  • 伍茲特戰兵組合包,可立刻用於《現代戰爭》和《現代戰域》*

  • 「正面迎戰」武器組合包

  • 「陸海空三軍」組合包(9件物品)**

  • 戰爭通行證組合包(1個賽季戰爭通行證+20次跳級)***

*預購平台必須擁有《決勝時刻:現代戰爭》/《決勝時刻:現代戰域》才能兌換伍茲特戰兵和藍圖。獨立販售 / 下載。必須在2021年11月13日以前兌換。




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  • PlayStation 5版本遊戲
  • Xbox One版本遊戲
  • Xbox Series X及Xbox Series S版本遊戲
    透過向下相容的Xbox One可遊玩版本
  • PC版本遊戲
  • 夜襲精品武器藍圖*

  • 亞瑟​

  • 前線武器包

  • 5小時雙倍武器經驗值

  • 5小時雙倍玩家經驗值

  • 第一特遣隊組合包(3個特戰兵造型、3個配備曳光彈的武器藍圖)

  • 戰爭通行證組合包

*必須在預購平台上擁有《決勝時刻®:黑色行動冷戰》/《決勝時刻®: 現代戰域™》才能兌換夜襲精品包,獨立販售/下載。必須在2022年11月6日前兌換夜襲精品包及亞瑟金斯利特戰兵。

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The iconic Black Ops Series is back


This is about the Strategy Guide

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