Modern Warfare® Weapon Detail: Grau 5.56

An in-depth look at the Grau 5.56 highlighting the weapon’s strength and its extremely agile Battle Pass blueprint that can be deadly against any Operator.

Modern Warfare® Weapon Detail: Grau 5.56

An in-depth look at the Grau 5.56 highlighting the weapon’s strength and its extremely agile Battle Pass blueprint that can be deadly against any Operator.

第二季戰爭通行證系統當中新增兩把新武器,分別是Grau 5.56和Striker 45。Grau 5.56會在玩家達到階級15時解鎖,其為一把威力強大的突擊步槍。    

如果你已購買戰爭通行證組合包,那麼Grau 5.56將會直接列入你的軍械庫,無須另外收集。進入戰場之前,可以來看看我們推薦的槍戰配置,包括其戰鬥通行證藍圖版本,兼具傑出的傷害輸出與高機動性。 

Grau 5.56 Overview

Grau 5.56是把相當全面的突擊步槍,多虧了槍匠系統,其性能還能更上一層樓,無論你喜愛搭配火力強大的衝鋒槍或遠距致命武器,都能符合你的需求。.     

槍如其名,Grau採用5.56口徑彈藥,與其他幾把輕機槍類似(如Holger-26),也就是說,其能造成一定的傷害量, 而且射速和瞄準速度都比輕機槍要更快。  

5.56口徑彈藥是相當常見的彈種,玩家不須太費力搜刮資源,就能有足夠子彈可用。彈藥快用完時,只要找到使用相同彈藥的武器(如Kilo 141),就又是一條好漢。

使用基本配件的Grau 5.56各方面性能都很平均,不管是準度、傷害、射程、操控性或敏捷性都有一定水準。其外觀平整,初始攜彈量適中,共有60發,每個彈匣可容納30發子彈。其為同類型武器中射程較遠的突擊步槍,機動性也跟RAM-7一樣名列前茅。







1. The ‘Shadowsight’ Blueprint



Suggested equipment: Throwing Knife and Stim

2. Ol’ Reliable

Attachments: FSS 26.4” Archangel, Tac Laser, FSS Blackjack, Cronen Shark II, Cronen Sniper Elite

Ol’ Reliable strengthens accuracy and control to ensure each shot lands on target to down your opponent faster. If you struggle with landing successive shots or snapping onto an enemy after moving or sliding this configuration will be extremely beneficial. Consider using this to complete assault rifle headshot challenges. The below list of suggested perks and equipment complement a steady playstyle giving you more reliable tools in battle faster.


Suggested equipment: Frag Grenade and Flash Grenade

3. Ranged Power

Attachments: Monolithic Suppressor, Variable Zoom Scope, 60 Round Mags, XRK CZEN MK2, FMJ

Ideal for longshot battles, this configuration overemphasizes power at range while sacrificing some mobility and control. Ideal for maps like St. Petrograd, Piccadilly, Gun Runner, and Arklov Peak, the Variable Zoom Scope gives you more precise targeting to hit enemies at longer ranges. Be mindful that the slightly slower ADS time and the zoom might make it more difficult to enemies that are extremely close. Consider pairing this weapon with a strong shotgun to compensate. Below are suggested perks and equipment for marksman style players:


Suggested equipment: Decoy Grenade, Proximity Mine

4. Too Close For Comfort

Attachments: Breacher Device, No Stock, M203 40mm Incendiary, XRK Void II, Fast Melee

This configuration aims for close range lethality with a boost to mobility, however you’ll sacrifice control and range while not being quite as agile as the ‘Shadowsight’ variant. If you want more ‘oomph’ up close, then this is for you. Consider equipping a handgun the .357 for its range and damage, or my personal favorite, the .50 GS for its overall balance in all categories.

Suggested paired perks: Quick Fix, High Alert, Tracker

Suggest equipment: C4, Snapshot Grenade

5. Balance ++

Attachments: FSS 26.4” Archangel, Cronen LP945 Mini Reflex, No Stock, Cronen Shark II, FTAC R-89 Rubber

This configuration stretches the capabilities of the Grau in all categories while improving on its innate stats as a well-rounded weapon. Equip the scope of your choice, but the clear sight picture of the Cronen LP945 Mini Reflex works well on multiple weapons. Equipping it here gives consistency in your field of view which can boost your overall accuracy with weapons. Below are suggested perks and equipment for Operators that play balanced while working to achieve Killstreaks with devastating impact.

Suggested paired perks: Killchain, Hardline, Battle Hardened

Suggested equipment: Semtex and Stun Grenade

These are only five possible configurations for the Grau 5.56 that amplify certain playstyles. Utilize Gunsmith and blueprints to craft weapons that fit your needs in battle. Enjoy using this weapon once you earn it at Tier 15 in the Battle Pass system.

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty. 

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