Announcement: The Story of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® – Official Behind the Scenes Feature

Following the release of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Campaign trailer, Infinity Ward presents a six-minute behind the scenes feature where IW team members and several advisors detail how this Campaign came to life.

by James Mattone on September 25, 2019

Yesterday, we got our first glimpse of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Campaign as the Story Trailer went live.

Here, we learned the stakes of the Campaign: the fate and safety of the world falls into the hands of the Urzikstani Liberation Force (ULF), led by Commander Farah Amhed Karim, who are engulfed in a proxy war while fighting to protect their own homes.

We were introduced to the characters you’ll be playing as: Kyle Garrick, a former British Army Officer, and Alex (AKA “Echo 3-1”), a CIA operative embedded with the ULF.

And, of course, we saw our old friend Captain John Price of the SAS, the man leading clandestine operations to protect the world, including assisting Commander Karim in stopping chemical weapons from falling into dangerous hands.

What went into crafting this story? How were Infinity Ward able to a modernized Modern Warfare story that reflects history as it’s happening? And who helped them bring a variety of perspectives to ensure the authenticity of Modern Warfare?

Well, Infinity Ward has answered those questions, and more, in The Story of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Official Behind the Scenes Feature. 

This video features Infinity Ward’s Narrative Director Taylor Kurosaki, alongside Single Player Design Director Jacob Minkoff and Writer Brian Bloom, who all link the game’s story to the complex themes prevalent in today’s wars.

“The world has changed drastically since 2007 when Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare captured the zeitgeist, while making such a lasting impression,” Kurosaki said in his PlayStation® Blog post. “Now, in 2019, we’re honored to re-imagine this story for the world as we know it today. Missions aren’t necessarily on battlefields; soldiers have to conduct operations where the enemy doesn’t identify themselves and, in some cases, blends in with civilians.”

Also included in this feature are some of the advisors that helped Infinity Ward craft this intense narrative: retired Navy SEALs Mitch Hall and Steven Sanders, War Correspondent Hollie McKay, and Somaiya Daud, a Muslim young adult fiction writer, who is completing her PhD at the University of Washington.

“The wars we have today are such a complex situation,” McKay says in the video documentary.

“It’s infinitely more difficult when you’re fighting against people who don’t believe in the Geneva Convention,” Daud added.

Watch The Story of Modern Warfare right now by clicking here, and stay tuned for The Narrative of Modern Warfare, long-form interviews with those involved in this incredible Campaign.


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