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Solidarity Forever: The Duo & Quad Life In Blackout

  • BO4

Whether it’s three friends or three randos, make nice and Quad Up.

Solidarity Forever: The Duo & Quad Life In Blackout

  • BO4

Whether it’s three friends or three randos, make nice and Quad Up.

In addition to Solo, Blackout offers both Duos and Quads. While the map and mechanics work the same across all three modes, the tactical differences are night and day. In Blackout, more people generally means more fun and more chances for survival. From blasting across the map together on ATVs, to sharing the joy of victory, there’s a helluva lot of fun to be had when you Duo or Quad up.

Before you grab your crew and jump into a match, here’re a few tips to make the most out of your Blackout team experience.

More Eyes, More Intel, More Efficiency
Alone, you only have your own POV. As a Quad, you have four perspectives – that’s four sets of eyes, four weapons and, hopefully, one strategy. Seemingly a simple concept, having multiple eyes scanning multiple areas, corners and horizons can often mean the difference between getting the jump on a team of enemies and ending up on the spectating screen. Everything you do in Blackout becomes easier. Scavenging for loot? No longer dangerous because your squad has your back. In short, playing Solo you don’t have anyone to watch your back. Literally.  But, with a team, especially Quads, you can have all angles covered. Or most of them, at least.

Sharing & Caring

The race to scoop the best loot begins as soon as you hit the ground. And with four sets of eyes searching every nook and cranny of wherever you land, your team will scoop up four times the gear in the same amount of time you would alone. By collecting more loot in less time, your team can spend more time on what wins matches - collecting intel and planning assaults. Now, while volume of loot is great, it’s how you share that gear that makes your Duo or Quad more dangerous. The key to efficient team looting is communication – call out what you see, where you see it and mark it on your map. Questions like “Who wants a Titan?”, “Anyone see Level 2 Armor?” and “Does anyone need a 3x Scope for their Titan?” should be bouncing around on your comms. Not only will this help you pool your resources, it will form good communication habits overall. 

In Blackout, when your health hits 0, you go down and It’s up to your teammates to revive you before you bleed out. This is where perks like Medic come in handy, which allows teammates to be quickly revived. When downed, you can crawl, albeit slow, but it’s the only tactic you can employ to get yourself out of danger. If you have the Squad Link perk equipped, it’ll be easier to find your teammates and crawl to assistance. Your teammates can either finish off whoever took your down or rush to your aid to get you back into the fight quicker. Regardless of how it plays out, when you roll with a team, you can employ some strategies to revive each other and survive longer.  And if you go down, you’ll be glad you’ve got teammates.

I Wanna Go Fast
Vehicles: they’re cool and fast as hell. But, there’s one problem - you can’t drive and shoot at the same time. Whether you’re driving a cargo truck, ATV, ARAV armored vehicle, tactical raft or helicopter, the scenic views shouldn’t distract you from the fact that you can’t use your weapon while piloting. Rockets, well-aimed sniper bullets or a wrong turn are real possibilities when riding a noisy vehicle. Fortunately, on a team, you have a friend to cover you and watch your back. The helicopter, cargo truck and tactical raft can fit an entire Quad, whereas the ATV only carries two. To maximize the benefits of vehicles – using them in assaults, making a quick getaway, rescuing a teammate who’s wandered astray or quickly returning to the combat zone – you need somebody to at least ride shotgun and protect your neck.

These are just of the more obvious benefits to Quadding-Up. As is the case with most things in Blackout, you’ll learn the most through your own experience. Whatever that experience may be, it will undoubtedly teach you that the phrase "the more the merrier" is as applicable in Blackout as it is IRL. Quad up. Get after it!

Want a video breakdown of the differences between Solo, Duos and Quads? Check out this quick tutorial!
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