Drop into the notorious prison island of Alcatraz, an all-new map for Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4: Blackout, first on PlayStation® 4!

Expect immediate and intense Blackout action with a focus on close quarters combat: Fight to claim the top of the Rock! Plus, the Blackout Free Access period starts Now on all platforms.

by David Hodgson on April 02, 2019

It might be time for a change of tactics once you drop down from your skybound portal onto the infamous prison island of Alcatraz, a new standalone Blackout map launching today on PlayStation® 4 (with other platforms to follow). With only a short amount of time to gather your gear and start stalking enemies, matches on Alcatraz places a higher premium on close combat engagements.

Expect Intense, Close-Quarter Combat

Treyarch has created a dramatic and intense atmosphere to this destination, with a lower player count resulting in an emphasis on more compact, focused, and immediate engagements. As 40 competitors in Quad teams attempt to control equipment, as well as strategically-advantageous locations in and around this gloomy and imposing jail, expect intense and chaotic firefights from the moment you drop in. With so many players in such a confined space, tension-filled matches are expected to last around ten minutes, compared to the 25-minute games across the main Blackout map.

Environmental Overview: Look Out, and Look Up!

Expect a variety of environments starting at sea level; weave through rocky shorelines and investigate small caves, maneuver across rusting Navy vessels, and explore abandoned field hospitals, quarantine tents, a helipad, apartment buildings, industrial warehouses, and a scattering of overgrown bushes and other foliage, as well as dockside structures… many of which will feel right at home for Zombies fans. As you reach the summit of Alcatraz, a powerhouse with a cooling chimney is accessible, and dominating the “top of the Rock” is the crumbling edifice of the prison itself, with its fully-explorable cell block interior; where battles tend to be the most chaotic!

Alcatraz brings a real sense of verticality to Blackout games as well, with nine named destinations offering a distinct experience. With the prison sitting atop a ridge, expect a mad scramble and a real sense of verticality as you ascend to the main penitentiary to gain the high ground, watching every corner and doorway for an ambush.

Focused Firefights and the Right Tools for the Job

With a new map comes new Blackout tactics, as you gather equipment and cover with a greater sense of immediacy. You may find you need a greater reliance on your melee combat prowess and twitch skills, compared to other strategies used on the core Blackout map.

Gathering equipment could involve a reliance on short-range armaments, though players with a penchant for longer-ranged weaponry can still rack up takedowns thanks to the multiple rooftops and other locations with excellent sight lines. But what else might be worth stuffing into your backpack? Perhaps the Barricades or Razor Wire; erect them to protect yourself, blocking the already claustrophobic interior doorways or stairwells and preventing foes from flanking you. You could also try the Grapple Gun, which is excellent when speeding through narrow staircases and compact corridors, or to upper balconies without the need to stay on the ground.

Whatever your chosen tactics, the time is right to join the fight for Alcatraz. 

Fight Across Alcatraz as Part of Blackout Free Access

As well as accessing the Alcatraz map, you can take advantage of the Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 - Blackout Free Access. For a limited time, you can access both Alcatraz and the original Blackout map, including all the latest spring color and weapon updates. You’re able to matchmake with all Blackout players, including Solos, Duos, and Quads, and any progression you make can be saved and transferred if you upgrade to a paid version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. This limited-time event is available now on all platforms.

There’s never been a better time to play Blackout. Leave none standing to win!

We’ll see you online.

Blackout: Alcatraz is available on April 2 for Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 first on PS4, with other platforms to follow.

The limited-time Blackout Free Access period begins April 2, 2019 and ends on April 30, 2019. Available now on all platforms*.

*Online Multiplayer Subscription required for Console.

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